Is Rob Van Dam Really The Whole F'N Show?

Ian Malone@ianthomasmaloneCorrespondent IIIJune 21, 2010

Of all the acquisitions that have arrived in the Impact Zone since January 4th, Rob Van Dam is without a doubt the best.

He comes with more name recognition than Mr. Anderson (and his actual name) and without the legal troubles of Jeff Hardy. He seemed like just as good a candidate as any to take over A.J. Style's TNA World Heavyweight Championship. 

But is he still the right guy? 

RVD had indicated in interviews prior to joining TNA that he was reluctant to work with new stars. We don't really know how he feels about that now, but he hasn't really shown any indication that this will change. 

I don't think that Rob Van Dam's three minute squash win over Desmond Wolfe was his own doing, but that doesn't change how awful it was. Hogan and Bischoff probably thought that Sting vs. Rob Van Dam would be a dream match.

Maybe ten years ago. 

Does TNA need to protect its champion? 

So far RVD has had three title defenses against Desmond Wolfe, A.J. Styles, and Sting. None of these matches were ever in question; we all knew that Mr. Thursday night would retain. 

To be fair, his title reign hasn't been long and he shouldn't be losing any matches. But that doesn't mean that his wins can't be five star matches. 

Who would I choose to be champion?

The man who is known throughout the land as Mr. Anderson. He's perfect champion material in his tweener role and the crowd reactions are phenomenal. 

I don't see Rob Van Dam doing jobs to the young stars ever. I don't really blame him, but at age 39 he's not going to be around forever. Anderson has an opportunity to connect with the fans like he's never done before in his career. 

The spoilers indicate that there will be a four-way match at Victory Road for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. That match will be between RVD, Jeff Hardy, Abyss, and Mr. Anderson.

There's an opportunity here for Anderson to take the gold without pinning RVD. Hardy would be a nice choice but he needs to get his legal troubles settled before he goes near the gold. 

This sets up a Anderson/RVD feud, which has the potential to be great. I personally prefer a heel champion anyway and this is a feud that they can draw out for awhile, assuming the fan rankings don't interfere (which may be a bold assumption). 

This could backfire and RVD could be stuck in the new ECW faction. I hope that's not the case, but this is TNA that we're dealing with. 

What do you think? Is RVD the right choice for TNA Champion. Should someone else carry the strap?

I would love to hear from you guys on this matter. Thanks for reading.