TNA: Turning Abyss Heel May be The Saving Grace for His Career

Travis SmithAnalyst IIJune 18, 2010

TNA fans have been aggravated with the way Abyss has been used on TV tapings and storylines since he went through a massive personality change in 2008. Before then Abyss was a badass that would violently seek and destroy any superstar in his way. he  also was a former NWA World Heavyweight Champion and one of the top heels in the company.

In March 2008, Abyss took a break from wrestling, started to speak more, and became shell of his former self when he returned. Abyss almost became a jobber for a while by losing to every big name on the roster from Kurt Angle to Matt Morgan. Thus he was not a major draw as in the past.

When Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff came to TNA, Abyss received a major push as Hogan's protector and on-screen friend. Abyss began coming out to Hogan's old WCW theme dressed up in yellow and red like Hogan used to. Fans went ballistic over this move because Abyss was like a poor man's Hulk Hoga, a shell of his former self.

Abyss continued to be under the Hogan banner from January to last Thursday, when he snapped and showed the whole world his "monster" side again, something that TNA fans have been dying to see.

Abyss Black Hole Slammed Mr. Anderson onto broken glass after beating the crap out of him and Jeff Hardy just moments earlier. Abyss wasn't done, as he also threw Jeff Hardy off the TNA stage to end the show, thus turning heel once again.

TNA now has plans for Abyss to stay heel throughout the summer and fall months so that he can have a Monster's Ball match with Hulk Hogan at Bound For Glory. Fans may or may not like the idea of Hogan vs. Abyss at TNA's biggest pay-per-view event of the year, but they might be satisfied with what Abyss does until then.

Abyss looks like he will be the challenger for Rob Van Dam's TNA Title at Victory Road in July, and with so much time until then, one has to expect TNA to build-up Abyss as TNA's biggest heel, and quite frankly, an unstoppable force gunning for all of Hulk Hogan's favorites like RVD, Mr. Anderson, and Jeff Hardy.

So with TNA turning Abyss heel, they has done something great and saved Abyss' career. If Abyss had stayed babyface, fans would stop tuning in to see an overgrown man act like a Hulk Hogan wannabe every week. Abyss still has potential to be one of the greatest big men in wrestling history, but turning him heel maybe the start of better things.