Due To Their Radical Actions, Rookies Have Been Fired By Bret Hart

lee raydeanCorrespondent IJune 17, 2010

RAW was all jacked up last night. Most of the talk was about the Season One Rookies and what they did to Punk, Cena and officials on last week's RAW.

Please let me take you back to last week. I know that everyone has seen it a hundred times but bare with me.

I was thinking that maybe the Rookies aren't working alone. Actually, I think someone else is behind all this.

Who was or still is jealous of Cena?

Even though he is no longer wrestling , "officially", who is to stop Batista? 

Cena had a target on his head..

Think about it if you will. Batista was out for revenge and the Rookies were focused on Cena. I know there could many that wanted to see John's head in a sling.

It wasn't just a statement that they wanted to make. You can bet your sweet a** that there's more to this that meets the eye.

Then add salt to injuries, Wade Barrett dared to have the audasity to invade RAW, yet, again. He said that WWE wanted all eight men to apologize.

The Rookies came out to the ring. Not a nare one of them apologized. In fact, they said things could get even worse if RAW management didnt meet their demands by this Sunday at Fatal 4 Way.

Thr Rookies act like terriosts, radicals, crazy and inmature. They need to earn the respect that they want and it comes at a price.

As the Rookies were spitting out demands, GM, Bret Hart, refused to give in. He told them they were fired. Barrett lost his chance at wrestling on a PPV event..

After the commercial break, John Cena was in the ring to confront this situation. He calls the Rookies, radicals. He also said that he repected it, but they wanted to make a statement.

It was wrong.

John called out Barrett and the  rest came out of nowheres as they did last week. That was no shock. This time though, the RAW Superstars were ready. They were met by RAW roster. The Rookies didn't have a chance. The superstars put their differences aside and did what they had to do.

They were chased out of the arena by the pros. Well that didn't lost long because, during the tag team match Cena/Orton vs Edge/Sheamus. It seemed like the match was about to end but, no one knows who would've won because of the Rookies.

They had come back to the back of the arena, went to Bret Hart's office, dragged him into the parking lot and threw him into a limo and told the driver to hit cars, poles again and again.

The driver did as he was told to do. After he hit the cara over and over, the Rookies thought Bret would've been hurt. They didn't think he was, so they had the driver do it again.

That did it that time. The Rookies dragged him out of the car, Bret was out cold. Again the radicals told him that he has until the ppv this weekend to meet their demands.

Did anyone see any of the superstars or security in the back while this was going on?

No one likes the first Rookies because they show no respect for the fans, the Superstars, or for the business. I hope for their sake, the second season NXT Rookies don't try to do the same thing.