Has WWE Remastered Kayfabe?

jesse lopezContributor IJune 14, 2010

      So what's up Bleacher Report? It's been quite a ride huh? Not knowing what's next and all hasn't it? Almost kind of how it was back in the days before there was an IWC. Before there was a quick click of the button and you got a rundown of where the storylines were headed and what was fake and what was real. Now as much as we hate to admit it, the internet is what's taken the fun out of wrestling.

      Before the internet we could only take guesses at what was about to happen. But too many times has the internet taunted us with headlines of spoilers and we have given in and spoiled a couple weeks of entertainment by reading them. This has caused quite a problem for the business. The people in the wrestling business have no idea who to trust with storyline information and often find themselves in situations where they are damned if they do and damned if they dont.

      So what we've become accustomed to is a pretty lackluster episode of Raw every week. Well last week the gates of hell were open and all those creative juices that have been building up in the WWE's mind just overflowed and took over. The frustration of all of us was taken out on Cena and anybody in the wrong place at the wrong time. We were jumping for joy, we were surprised. 

      Now how WWE kept that storyline plan under the radar remains to be seen. They could've just decided to go that route that same night or it could've been a tightly sealed preplanned angle all along. Whatever the case what happened as a result of that is the real noggin scratcher. We turn on our computers and open our internet browsers to see "Daniel Bryan Released".

      Half of us just made chocolate brownies in our pants the other half were picking our jaw up from off the floor. Daniel Bryan was fired for being too aggressive with Justin Roberts and John Cena. An outsider who is close to the WWE felt it was too much. So WWE cut ties and Daniel Bryan was let loose.

      Controversy then took hold of the IWC. Nobody knew what to do, or who to believe. We go to our trusty wrestling dirt sheet websites to find the answers and they know just as well as us. The only tidbits they give us aren't much to work with. So a day or so goes by as it all starts to sink in that this might just be REAL and then we get a twitter post from John Cena!

      John Cena addresses the situation wanting Danielson back. Now this is unreal, it's contradicting everything we've been accustomed to believe about the WWE. The WWE would never allow anybody to address an ex employee unless it was storyline right? Some say John is an exception because of how big a star he is. Yet JTG takes to twitter to shouting out Daniel Bryan.

      At this point we're all dumbfounded, not knowing which way is up. Not knowing whether we're looking left and something is happening on the right and so on. Now I'm not sure on whether it is storyline or not, but all I can say is WWE may have just remastered kayfabe and pulled the most shocking angle yet in doing so. If this is not all storyline then they definitely pulled the trigger on one of the more controversial moments yet. Either way I believe the WWE, has just kicked it back into full gear.

     What do you think Bleaches? Has WWE remastered Kayfabe or are we all looking to into it? If so why is Cena allowed to address Daniel Bryan?