Raider Nation: A time to come together!

Eian BellAnalyst IJuly 23, 2008

Again An article about us as a community. I'm sorry if you don't like it, but there just isn't much to talk about that has'nt been rehashed several times. Besides, we are one of if not THE most loyal fan base in the NFL, but we need to be loyal to each other as well.We've had alot to be angry and bitter about the past several years. I think it may have taken quite a toll on us as fans, but we should never take it out on each other.


I was reading an article by a younger fan, and I've been following it closely. His basic knowledge of the Raider organization seemed to be severely lacking and his statements were inaccurate. True to form, several members of the greatest nation on Earth jumped all over him for his inaccuracies and his optimistic views. I am no angel, although I tried not to bash him, I could have done more to support him.

Here's the deal. We as Raider Nation are not only under obligation to support our beloved Oakland Raiders, but we have a duty to support eachother. I know that after the past 5 years we all might be somewhat tense, and quick to jump the gun when somebody does'nt get it quite right. save that for the media and for the haters. If someone, anyone has been representing him/herself as a fan over the past several years, then they are a fan in my eyes. The fans that don't jump ship or put away their Raiders gear during the tough times are the fans that we all want around.

Don't discourage a young fan by telling him his ideas, and views are garbage. Maybe explain to him why his views and statements are, or could be innacurate. I'm not saying that we have to coddle them and treat them like babies, just that if we are going to give criticism, it should be constructive criticism.

We've been through some hard times the past 5 years, but things are looking up. We as fans and Raiders supporters have alot to look forward to. Let us put the past behind us, and look at the direction we are headed now.

Support eachother!!!!