Open Mic: How Michael Strahan Showed How Smart He Really Is

Matt SmithSenior Analyst IJuly 23, 2008

The question is always asked of our favorite players, when is it time to hang the old pair of cleats up?

Well Strahan, like many before him, found out the best answer to that question; you go out on top.

Now, not every great player gets the chance to go out on top.  Recently, Brett Favre has flirted with possibly coming back to the NFL and an NFC Championship game loss. 

There was no way the future Hall of Fame quarterback could go out with a Super Bowl win.

But Favre needs to look at the Strahan situation.  Strahan could probably play another two, maybe even three years.  He could rack up more sacks to his total but probably could not play at the high level he had in previous years.

He's good enough to play but not at the same level we all know he could.

Favre, on the other hand, like many before him including Emmit Smith, Jerry Rice, and Randall Cunningham, still believes he can be an instrumental cog to any team he joins.

Sure, Favre had a great season last year, but look at the names on this list.  Rice didn't win a championship in Oakland, Smith didn't turn the Cardinals into a contender, and what in the world was Cunningham doing in Dallas and Baltimore?

If Favre doesn't stay with the Packers, which both parties seem to have no interest in, then Favre needs to hang it up.

You don't win championships one year with a team.  Probably not two years.  It takes too long to mesh and getting Favre at his age is too big of a risk to imagine he would even be at his new team for more than a year.

Brett hang it up.  It’s time my man.  You high jacked the Packers when you were throwing upwards to 30 interceptions and when you finally give them an out they prepare their team for life without you only to hear you say you want back.

Stay retired and keep your legacy intact.  The city loves you but if you go off and play for someone else the fickleness of the fans will rear their ugly heads and your image by the Bay will be tarnished forever.

For your sake, the Packer's sake, and for whatever team is interested in you for the future Brett, use Strahan's situation as a model for what to do.

If you must go play some touch football with the boys, coach a local team, or become an analyst (preferably not for ESPN).

Go out while you're a hero on your team Brett, don't go as a zero for someone else.