Who's The Next African American Star Of The WWE?

Iqbal Siraj@IqzyContributor IIMay 31, 2010

NEW YORK - MARCH 16:  Actor David Otunga attends the 2010 Syfy Upfront party at The Museum of Modern Art on March 16, 2010 in New York City.  (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)
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Ok, we've heard the WWE is trying its best to push African American stars of the company, with the hope of reaching out to black people around the world.

We know how hard it is for the company to push someone that is not white, unless you want to count the "Wigger" John Cena (pre-army days/pre-emotional crying/suck up days.)

I believe The Great Khali was the last non-white to win a World Championship in WWE, and even his reign was terrible.

Lets look at the candidates who could potentially become the next African American star in the WWE. (1=Bad Choice 5=Best Choice)


Shelton Benjamin

Yes, he has been released. Benjamin should have been pushed, and there are rumors WWE wants to sign him back after hearing TNA may woo Shelton.

He has the athleticism, some charisma, and a great following. Benjamin could be a major star if he held the title.

I wish him luck in TNA if he joins them, and bad luck to WWE for not pushing the guy.

Rating: 4


Shad Gaspard/Ezekiel Jackson

I have put Shad and Ezekiel together because they both fall under the same category, as the big men Vince "loves" to see.

Out of these two, I like Ezekiel. I can see him becoming a great face, rather than a monster.

Shad shouldn't have been separated from JTG. Now people can realize he has no talent. I just don't care for the guy, and hope he gets future endeavoured soon.

Ezekiel has some talent in the ring, and is OK on the mic. But I don't want him to become World Champion anytime soon.

Rating: 2


Kofi Kingston

This guy, we have seen what he can do.

He is awesome in the ring, he is exciting to watch, and his short feud with Orton was one of the highlights of his career.

Kingston's electrifying boom drop on Orton in MSG was an instant classic.

Now that he is billed from Ghana, I hope they tend to give Kingston the belt. That way, people in Africa can support this guy, and give WWE that better exposure in Africa.

Rating: 3



Hmm, what can I say about this guy? If you had him, Drew McIntyre, Randy Orton and Undertaker in one show, there would be no show aside from the entrances.

He surely has the most annoying entrance music in the world now. Please give him a new gimmick!

This guy has so much potential, we have seen it in his NWA World Championship days, he was great as K-Kwik back in the Attitude Era, and he IS great on the stick.

Hopefully, they push him with a new image soon.

Rating: 4



A good entertainer sure, much better than his other half Shad. And JTG could have a meaningful feud for the Intercontinental Title. Therefore, I could not see him going further than that.

Rating: 2


Mark Henry

Enough said. 

Rating: 1


David Otunga

I would not be surprised if they make Otunga World Champion before this year finishes.

WWE is all about gaining exposure. What could draw more exposure than having the husband of a Grammy Award singer win WWE's Heavyweight Championship, or WWE Title?

He gained so much exposure on NXT, along with Barrett and Danielson, and they have even given him a guest host spot on RAW.

I believe with his charisma backing his lackluster ring ability, Ortega could be a good champion. He has that instant cockiness and heat that can do wonders for him. 

Rating: 5



I have enjoyed this guy since he started off in those segments when he was a "free agent".

He just had that cockiness to him that reminded me of The Rock.

MVP isn't even bad in the ring. He knows how to talk, whether he is face or heel, though I'd rather keep him heel if he is chasing the championship, then slowly bring him up face when he has the title.

He had some good matches, a funny and meaningful feud with Matt Hardy, and an interesting feud with Kane that resulted in him receiving minor burns. This is the person who needs the title so bad. He's money and provides what the WWE are missing out on.

Rating: 5



To conclude, I, and many other people I know, wish MVP will become the next African American WWE Champion.

So, hopefully this is his year, when they give him a new image, and have him wrestle Swagger. We don't want Swagger wrestling with a jerk like Big Show.

Swagger and MVP can give us some great matches and entertainment.