Punk is Now Hiding Behind a Mask and Enters Fatal 4-way

lee raydeanCorrespondent IMay 31, 2010

Friday Night Smackdown saw something that had looked somewhat like a super hero. The guy donning a black mask, tattoos chest hair, and beard was non other than C.M Punk.

A few minutes before his match against the big red machine, Kane, Punk was seen in the locker room with a towel over his head. One could only imagine what he must look like.

Serena was trying to reassure that he still looked beautiful. Luke Gallows agreed and they all walked down to the ring together. Punk was a little hesitant at first but finally went into the ring.

The WWE Universe has been waiting, on the edge of their seats, anticipation was running high, the crowd wanted to see what Punk looked like bald. They were eager too see what their hero Rey Mysterio, had done for them and himself.

Everyone was going to be shocked. Punk took off the towel and stood there in the ring, donning a black mask. He still had his chest hair and beard.

I was shocked because Punk always told Mysterio that he hid behind his mask. Now look at who is calling the kettle black.

Punk is hiding behind a mask, hiding his shame and embarrassment because of the head shaving he received at OTL.

Innovative indeed and some what creative on his part. Of course, we all know that he wouldn't come out unless he had it covered.

Now he looks like the Avenger. I have noticed that since he has been scalped, he wrestles differently. He seems more focused and more exciting to watch.

You can also believe that he will get retribution on Rey Mysterio, Punk's new barber, for the embarrassment, humiliation and according to Punk, disrespect for him.

It didn't seem to bother Punk Friday night when he beat Kane. He still had his evil doers interfering in his match like the masked hooded wonder who comes out of nowhere and attacks Punk"s opponent.

At OTL, he tried to pull that crap on Mysterio, but he got a little taste of his own medicine.

How many members are there in SES? What about the three from last week? They got their heads shaved and their butts kicked.

These people jump out of the crowd, they come from under the ring, and don't go to the bathroom alone, they could be handing you t.p maybe even jump over the stall wall before you could get a chance to wipe.

Well, I hope Punk will be ready for his match at Fatah 4-way. He'll be in the ring with the Heavyweight champ, Jack Swagger, The Undertaker and Big Show. Three giants and the masked Avenger.

Give me your take on who you think will win The Fatal 4-way. Do you think Punk will win with his new attitude and new mask? And will Rey be there ? I can't see the hooded wonder interfering with the three giants in the ring.

I wish someone would take his mask off.