Sean Waltman Explains His Absence from TNA

LewisAnalyst IIIMay 30, 2010

Hey Bleacherholics!

Most of you won't be a big fan of the man pictured.

Sean Waltman is mostly known as a loud mouth, disrespectful man, both in and out of the ring. But I don't like to bash wrestlers; they deliver spectacular performances.

When Waltman and Hall signed with TNA, many observers contemplated how long the two would stay.

Well, they are still in the Impact Zone today. However, Waltman has missed several TNA shows, most notably his Pay-Per-View Lockdown match, alongside Scott Hall, against Ink Inc. 

Many internet rumors tried to decipher the reason behind Waltman's absence. Most believed Waltman reverted back to his old ways, turning up only when he wants to, etc.

Other rumors stated he was against jobbing to Ink Inc. And hell, I even read that Waltman was banned from wrestling in the state of Missouri, where Lockdown took place.

Well, after months of speculation, I have found the suspected reason as to why Waltman has dodged so many shows.

While searching the internet for daily wrestling gossip, I read an article on Waltman. He allegedly took part in an interview in which he was asked about his status with TNA following the Lockdown fiasco.

Sadly, he replied with bad news. Waltman said he contracted the hepatitis C virus. This virus attacks the liver and is transported through blood.

While the WWE is unhappy about bloodshed, TNA is mad about blood.

TNA loves dishing out blood. And if Waltman was somehow to bleed and make contact with another performers blood, then the performer would also contract the virus.

This is the suspected reason why Waltman has been absent from the TNA stage. There is no information on when, or if, he will return. But Eric Young has satisfied TNA management.

I hope everyone can finally stop bashing Waltman. I hope he can get better soon, and returns with "The Band" as soon as possible.

Waltman and Hall are two of my favorites that came into TNA under the Hogan-Bishoff era.


Please leave all comments and please don't bash him.