Did TNA Cross The Line of Good Taste With Mr Anderson?

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistMay 29, 2010

This past Thursday on iMPACT we saw Mr. Anderson begin to turn face for the first time with TNA. 

Anderson was called out by Jeff Hardy to explain his actions from the previous week.  Last week Anderson gave Sting a scorpion death drop to assist Hardy in winning a match against the Icon.

This confused Jeff, as well as many fans, why would Anderson help Hardy after their recent feud.  Anderson had this to say...

"Maybe I do things like that to confuse people, maybe I do it to confuse these fans, or maybe I did it because I'm an asshole".

Anderson, in what is the first time I can remember, used the word asshole on TNA.  I know that as far as curse words go, asshole is not up there with the really bad ones, and has even been used more often on TV in the past few years.

I was just surprised to see it being used on a wrestling show where they know their main audience is adolescents.

I personally thought the promo was great.  Anderson called all the fans in attendance assholes, and instead of being booed what did the iMPACT cheerleaders do? They chanted "We're all assholes".

Anderson even recited a few bars of the awesome Denis Leary song "I'm an asshole".

I thought the segment was great for two reasons, one, it was a successful face turn for Anderson, and two, it showed that TNA is willing to stop at nothing to get their ratings higher.

I have always thought that since wrestling dealt with very adult subject matter (Adultery, necrophilia, attempted manslaughter, etc) that they should use more adult language, and TNA has finally done so.

I remember when TNA first came out as a weekly TV show they would use more adult language, but censor it, now it appears they are going to try and use foul language that is allowed on TV.

I am even betting TNA has a shirt that says something like "I'm an asshole" for Anderson within a few weeks.  Maybe Done West can wear one when he pushes merchandise at shows.

What did you guys think of the promo from Anderson?