TNA Wrestling Presents: Bloodletting?

Adam KoppCorrespondent IMay 27, 2010

It sounds like a horrible name for a pay-per-view, doesn't it? 

Though on second thought, is it any worse than "Slammiversary" or the WWE's new "Fatal 4 Way?" 

The former is a play on words that would make a second grader face-palm and the latter sounds like porn that spies watch.

However, the "Bloodletting" that I'm referring to is not in fact a pay-per-view, but the well known and seemingly ever-impending reduction of TNA wrestlers and staff. 

It's been blogged about and speculated on by everyone from to to my esteemed fellow writers here in the bleachers. 

Originally thought to be a small number of on-air talent, the rumor mill began churning out numbers as large as twenty, as roughly one-third of the entire TNA roster might be shown the door. 

As with most games of internet telephone, that number now seems to be tapering off a bit, as PWInsider recently reported that TNA wants to minimize the on-air talent/roster cuts while helping lesser used talent find some indy work to help make ends meat.

This would seem to make more sense.  My problem isn't with the number of people probably being shown the door, but who might be shown the door.  

Perhaps I'm jumping to conclusions, but my main issue with the Hogan/Bischoff regime has been the fact that those two, along with Ric Flair, the Outsiders, Orlando Jordan and other has-beens seem to be getting all of the camera time.

Meanwhile, Christopher Daniels has left the company, and Samoa Joe, one of the biggest fan favorites in the history of TNA, might as well put his face on the back of a milk carton. Fans have been forced to sit though an endless parade of promos and three minute bouts with talents that simply can't wrestle TNA's style of high octane matches. 

So will Hogan and Bischoff, who seem to be walking back all of their other big moves, AKA big mistakes (the Nasty Boys, Val Venis, Bubba the Love Sponge, moving to Monday nights just to name a few), finally wake up and realize that they completely misjudged their audience?  

Perhaps maybe, just maybe, TNA fans were happy with the roster they had before and don't need the Hulkster and Easy E spending Dixie's money on the next WWE castoff just to shock and awe the fans with who's "making the change" next. 

Sure, find good talent where you can.  Whether it's Shelton Benjamin and Katie Lea or some of ROH's high level atheletes, but just because Carlito's now a free agent, doesn't mean TNA should bring him in and put the World Title around his waist while having him mow through TNA's main event talent like they're minor leaguers going up against Tim Lincecum.

Assuming that TNA won't fire Hogan or Bischoff (in spite of the rumors that he's burnt out), here are the top or bottom five, depending on how you'd like to look at it, wrestlers that should be shown the door.


Top Five That Should Go

Shark Boy—He's beyond irrelevant in TNA.  The Austin gimmick was funny for a while, but the guy hasn't been on TV in months.  It's time to cut the cord and let him go. 

Kevin Nash—He still has the mic skills and one could argue that he'd make a great (albeit criminally overpaid) manager, but the point is that Nash, along with his four move repertoire simply isn't compelling in the ring or on the stage. 

Call it bad writing, call it not having an angle worth watching since the Main Event Mafia disappeared, but Nash almost certainly makes more money than he's worth. 

Ric Flair—I don't mean to sound ageist, as there are plenty of older wrestlers in TNA that can still go (Sting, 3D and Jeff Jarrett being chief among them), but I'm sorry, Flair's antics have just worn on me. 

After decades of flipping over the top rope, of falling flat on his face, of elbow dropping his own coat while screaming like a lunatic and bleeding a gallon of his own blood, I can honestly say that I've seen enough. 

TNA's not doing AJ any favors by turning him in to a Flair clone, and while he's a solid manager, he's an expensive one.  If losing Flair keeps a few good, young TNA wrestlers employed, then let him go.  

Scott Hall—He should probably be No. 1 on this list, but call me a sentimental Outsiders and nWo fan, I don't care. 

He was one of the best technical wrestlers the WWE had when he was Razor Ramon, but the guy with the beer gut that we see today is a shell of his former self.  His latest run-in with the law won't help matters either.

Orlando Jordan—This guy is in a horrible gimmick that I honestly don't believe will be able to walk back, even if they changed him drastically right now. 

He was never over with the fans, for better or worse, and TNA simply needs to cut their losses.  He's rapidly becoming a symbol of Eric Bischoff's lame efforts to create cash through controversy.  Buy him out if his contract is really for two more years.


Top Five That I Think Could Go

Magnus—Just a hunch, but this is another guy that's been completely lost in the Hogan /Bischoff takeover. 

Sure, he has the look of a wrestler, and I wouldn't have a problem seeing him in a stable with Desmond Wolfe and Rob Terry in the future, but I seriously doubt that TNA sees all that much in him anymore. 

It didn't help that fans weren't exactly enthralled with his original Gladiator gimmick.

Amazing Red—The guy is just a phenomenal wrestler, but he has the personality of driftwood. 

I was actually hoping they'd keep him with Matt Morgan and make them tag champs together when they tagged for all of one match a month or so ago. 

Morgan's charisma and ego coupled with Red's work ethic and lack of charisma could've created a great team and possibly some funny moments as well. 

Alas, he was squashed.  I just don't think that Hogan and Bischoff see all that much in him.

Kiyoshi—Though I'd love to see him with a Tajiri type of gimmick, TNA doesn't seem to want to use him, and as others have said, his usefulness seems to have dried up in managements eyes when World Elite dried up.

Rhino—Not to sound like a broken record, but unless he's been injured, Rhino's been MIA basically since Hogan and Bischoff took power. 

I'm not sure what he's been making these days, but a guy with his ability and potential being so underused is borderline criminal. 

Regardless, I can't see TNA holding on to him given how much they use him.

Tomko—They've been having this guy job to anyone with a pulse in TNA for a while now, and not just job, but getting crushed. 

I get it—he's not as fit as he used to be. 

He's a bit lacking in the charisma department as well.  But put him with Ink Inc., give the guy something to do that doesn't involve losing to Orlando Jordan and Rob Terry in three seconds flat. 

Oh well, I can't see him being around much longer.

Who do you think will get the axe? 

Who SHOULD get the axe?


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