Philadelphia Eagles Fans Deserve a Break

BAnalyst IJuly 21, 2008

Take a minute and look at that picture above the article. Look at it and study it.

How can you not love that face, which also represents so many other Philadelphia Eagles fans?

OK, well I just can't love it either, but I'm here to show you the lighter side of one of the most ridiculed fanbases in all of sports.

Yes, Eagles fans did pelt good 'ole red cheeks with snowballs, and Eagles fans did applaud Irvin's injured neck, and there really was a court system in their stadium.

Oh and don't forget the fact that Eagles fans don't need to be drunk to start a fight or pelt snowballs at the players as well as red cheeks. (For those of you who are not "in the know", red cheeks is Santa Claus...)

But it is all in the love of the game, and Eagles fans mean well. They really do. And here are five reasons explaining how.

First off, in what other stadium do you get the pleasure of learning a whole new vocabulary every time you go to the game? You hear words that you didn't know existed, and you hear the same word used more than a thousand times (not an exaggeration).

Also, in what other stadium do you get to learn about the players' mothers straight from the fans? You learn the true facts about Rex Grossman and Eli Manning's mothers.

Plus, in what other stadium do you get to learn the true meaning of "blue collar"? There is not another stadium where you can look around and immediately understand the meaning of the phrase "blue collar".

In addition, in what other stadium do you get to go to court right there if you get in trouble? If you get in a fight with an Eagles fan, you don't have to take a car ride down to the police station. Nope, you can just go down the tunnel and into the Eagles' court.

Finally, in what other stadium can you say that you sat in a historic section called "The 700 Level" and have your main bragging point be the fact that you survived?

When the Eagles played in Veterans Stadium, the 700 level was not a place you wanted to sit. Many horrible events occurred in that section, and if you sat there and survived, you could brag about it for the rest of your life.

So there you have it. Those are the five reasons why Philadelphia Eagles fans are not as bad as a lot of people think they are. You can learn a lot of things from Eagles fans, and they provide you with a few luxuries.

So just give 'em a break.


Note: There isn't a court system in Lincoln Financial Field (Eagles current stadium), but I'm sure there was one in Veterans Stadium. Also, I am an avid Eagles fan, and I love to make fun of my fellow fans, but we are truly very passionate fans. This was just a little article to make fun of my fellow fans.