Creature vs. Creature: "The Count" Will Lose To Dan Miller In UFC 114

Colton WhittemoreCorrespondent IMay 27, 2010

It's time once again, ladies and gentleman. This weekend, UFC 114 will shock and thrill audiences everywhere, which also means that I'm going to shock fans with some great fight predictions.

My colleague, Robert Gardner , has elected to take Michael "The Count" Bisping in this weekend's co-main event, and I'm here to not only prove him wrong, but provide reasons on why he'll be wrong.

Now, on to the co-main event.

Dan Miller is one of the UFC's brightest up-and-coming prospects. Though he has lost his last two fights—Chael Sonnen in UFC 98, and Demian Maia at UFC 109—Miller is confident heading into his fight with Michael Bisping, and he has every reason to be.

Miller's strong suit is definitely not his stand up. Getting out-boxed by Maia is a testament to how bad anyone's stand up is. Fortunately, Miller knows this, and he will look to take this to the ground.

Being in top position on the ground is a good position for anyone, but Miller really utilizes good position control, and is good at advancing his position. His submissions are some of the best in the division, with seven of his 11 wins coming by way of submission.

Some may point out that Miller got dominated on the ground by a game Sonnen. What they need to realize is that Sonnen can make a case as the best wrestler in the sport. Though he was taken down at will, Miller was actually able to sink in a few guillotines, one of which almost made Sonnen tap.

If, for some reason, Bisping is able to keep the fight standing, this is where the warning flags should go up. Although he is no Dan Henderson, Bisping can hold his own in a boxing match. Miller can't.

If Bisping can keep this fight standing, then I would give him the advantage. But I just can't see him stifling all of Miller's takedowns.

Miller's job is probably on the line in this fight. If he wins, he gets to continue fighting for the UFC. If he loses, then Strikeforce gets to welcome another middleweight to its ranks. Now think of that old football saying: "There is no team more dangerous than one with its back against the wall."

This fight has upset written all over it. If Miller can keep himself on top of Bisping for three rounds, or even long enough to sink in a submission, than this fight is his.

With that, I'm predicting the upset: Miller by second round submission.

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