"My" Answer To A Few Burning Topics: What's Yours, IWC & WWE Universe!

Iam D Real Deal yoSenior Writer IMay 26, 2010

Hey, guys and gals, I am back.

I have been a WWE fan for years but a member if the IWC and B/R for just about three months.

We have discussed tons of things, bashed Vinnie, literally blurted out a lot of words of praise for many guys, discussed PPVs, and also predicted a lot of stuff.

But there still are a “few burning” questions which have been discussed tons of times and the debates still live on.

Now, I for one love debating about such stuff, but Man! There are a few questions which need to put an end to so that we can move on to some new stuff.

Well, not because I hate them or you hate them, but I guess because it is time to “move on."

So in this article of mine, I have discussed a few topics which according to me at least are “burning” and find way into the IWC on a very constant basis.

So here we go, lets start the “burning question solving league.”


The first topic which comes to my mind is:


                   Does The PG Era Suck? Is The Attitude Era The Solution?


This is obviously a topic about which tons of people have spoken and written about and so have I and it is indeed a burning topic.

So my answer to both the questions asked above is hell no!

Now, let me just explain by giving you an explanation, Smackdown has been PG ever since the show was started way back in the year 1999; hell yes, this is true.

Now this is the same SD on which we have both witnessed great storyline feuds like Taker-Orton and witnessed something stupid like having Drew beat up Matt every week and still not getting a full, clean match with him.

Considering the fact that we have indeed had some great story lines on SD proves that the PG Era does not suck at all, so the question is what sucks?

The answer is the darn stupid, half-cooked, ill-managed story lines.

I mean storylines are the main essence of the show which adds the “it” factor to matches which take place.

Story lines are like the scripts to a movie which we guys see, I mean without the script we would just be seeing good looking people on TV doing nothing but just moving around aimlessly.

Similarly in the case of story lines, they add “sense” and the “it” factor to the matches which take place.

This proves the point that all said and done and if you like it or not, the PG Era does not suck!

Then comes my second question, is bringing back the Attitude Era the solution? And the answer to this thing is hell no!

First lets see how the PG and the Attitude Era are different, I mean if we add the swearing and almost naked divas to the mix we call it the Attitude Era.

Hell yeah! The Era was fun and we would all love to see it return but this won’t just magically solve the problem for WWE.

Don’t believe me, read on-


Let me give an example-around seven years ago we had a well managed and great angle between Shane O Mac and Kane.

Now it was not only a great angle but a great storyline feud as well, I mean they picked up a story line out of nowhere and really rocked the hell out of it, and frankly speaking I might just give it the 10th slot in my top 10 feuds in the “WWE” alone

Now, let me ask you a few questions, did that story involve things like Shane coming out every week and using all the bad words possible or did he use the  swear words to start his each and every segment? Hell no!

Or did it involve Kane coming down to the ring all the time and stripping divas almost naked to fulfill the tit factor, the answer is no!

Or did that feud involve Austin showing his finger to every person on earth possible and using the F-word on a constant basis or did that involve The Rock asking people to shove things up their asses.

I used Rock and Austin, as these two guys literally alone signify the Attitude Era.

The answer is no-no-no-no-no!

This proves that I was right when I said that bringing back the Attitude Era is not the solution.

Hence all said and done, we can conclude that these PG and AE are just labels that’s all, I mean yeah, they make a difference but all you need to make the people buy and invest in the product so to speak is the “one and only” STORYLINES.

So hope I was able to justify your views on this, and as always you guys can agree to disagree so if you got any thing to say then do tell me.

Now, moving on to my next question:


        Who Is The Superstar Of This Generation?

This might not be as hot and happening topic but yeah I mean we guys on B/R itself have indeed many times have many back and forths about this thing when we present those “My Top 10” lists.

So first of all let me just tell you that by saying the “superstar of this generation” what do I mean?

I mean we are taking into account only those guys who have suddenly sky rocketed onto the main event scene and hence does not involve the “already legends” like Trips, Kurt, Shawn, Taker, Jericho, etc.

Recently, Travis my fellow writer on this side brought out a slide show and our own communities Andrea and Jason rambled on like hell to make the other one agree on who the actual top guy is.

While Andrea went with Orton, Jason went with Bryan Danielson, even though both were right but only one was actually correct.


Now let me just tell you that by saying superstar I mean a WWE Superstar and not a Wrestler .


Now these words, though interchangeable, are very different.

A wrestler is someone whose only power, strength and in ring work is considered while a superstar is the one whose in ring work, looks, mic. Skills. Over enough with the crowd is concerned and many other things.

It means that if a guy whose Mic Skills are as great as The Great Khali, whose personality is as good as that of Michael Cole, and who is as over as Vickie Guerrero is but has the strength of The Incredible Hulk or is actually made of steel, and his wrestling skills are so damn impressing that the world goes gung-ho over them then that guy will be the best because he is in a promotion just known for its wrestling.

But this is World Wrestling Entertainment and when they themselves want their guys to be called “superstars” then it means that you got to be a superstar as well and not just a screaming 7-footer like Show or Khali.


With that said, I can safely say that while guys like Bryan Danielson, Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Taka, etc. would be the greatest wrestlers and leaving aside Michaels, Jericho,Kurt,Benoit who are great superstars as well, the other two guys are just great wrestlers and not great superstars

Now with that said and taking into consideration guys like Punk, Edge, Cena, Batista, Orton, etc., keeping my bias for Cena aside my pick will have to be Randy Orton.

That’s right; Randy is the best guy in the WWE at the moment, he has got a great cool heel, anti-hero personality.

He is insanely over enough with the crowds and his in ring work is the best amongst my list of probables.

So Bryan Danielson might be one of the best ever and ever (like the rock star Jericho used to say) and he might be the best in-ring worker and technician but he ain’t  gonna figure in the top 10 list as well.

Hell, he might not even make it to a top 100 list.

That’s it, that is my verdict that Randy is indeed the best at the moment, I mean he might be outshined by a few guys in many departments but collectively his points are the maximum and hence he deserves to be given this title.

Well that’s my take on this, for those of you who agree, well and good and those who don’t try to make me believe that you are right and I am wrong.

Also I would also like to know your take on the “Superstars” and “Wrestlers” being entirely different issue:

All right, moving on now:


  Does Matt Hardy Deserve A World Title, Considering His Current Health?


My answer to this question is “YES”! Indeed.

Recently, I wrote a sort of petition article to push Hardy, now even though many guys signed it they, raised an equally valid and sensible point that his current medical issues and health status the answer would be NO!

It really kills me to say that they are correct indeed.

But then the point is that a “feel good” title victory won’t hurt any one.

I mean common, when Bret Hart was made the US Champ all of guys said that they were extremely happy and said that they too were damn happy at these “fantastic” turn of events.

I feel that Matt Hardy is the most underrated superstar of all time; I mean he has done tons of things for the business and hence deserves one run with the title.

So, a feel-good reign will be the best for him just in case his condition does not improve

I mean he has broken every fiber of his being to make the crowd go back home happy, has not given a damn about his health and wrestled in spite of being a broken mess.

Now, comes an important question: Will he be able to stand up and keep its respect?


My only answer to this is, “If you guys can justify to me Sheamus’  two-month title reign last year, then I will proudly say that I am wrong . ”


I mean we know that he will not make the best champion but yeah it will be a reign were in people’s satisfaction at seeing him as  a champ will be good enough to outshine some of that  “he is an un-fit guy criticism.”

Now, one final question will his current condition allow him to be able to fight on SD on a weekly basis and maybe headline a PPV in that flow?

Well, yes, he won’t be able to do that with his current condition but my point is that if we give him a few months of and actually allow him to rest for a couple of months rather than coming before as planned then I guess that will be good enough to ensure that he gets 1-2 months of back to back wrestling action and that too with a weeks break in between.

So, after really critically analyzing this situation and answering almost every “brain scratching worthy” question all I can is that it is indeed possible and not a thing to be referred to as “Out Of Question For Sure.”

For those of you who are now satisfy and agree with that he deserves a title reign now, well and good, for those who still not agree, comment and make my mind wonder and also just in case if you think that he does not deserve it, the check out this article of mine, I hope you will finally agree

You can find it at this link:



That’s all I got to say about Matt and his Title Reign, now moving on toward the next scorching question


Should The WWE Do Away With The Divas Department? Does It Need It? 

This is another topic which even though, might not be as burning as the other ones mentioned but  yeah this topic sure as hell can give us a lot to talk about and TBH I already have seen many such debates take place here on B/R.

This is a topic, for which I actually had to think that the most as there is one argument against it and an equally important argument for it.

The argument in favor of striking it off is that of late this department has been handled almost miserably and hence is like a disgrace to the WWE (at least for me) because it has been the source of tons of criticism.

It is really preventing the ship from sailing peacefully and has always been the cause of accidents, so to speak.

In a way it is ruining the Importance this division has earned and hence needs to be dropped.

Now comes the argument against this question:

The point is that just like I said, it has a history and the WWE should not degrade it but on the other hand the WWE for ever has been known for having the Divas division as well, it might not be the most anticipated but is actually important.

So, the point is to keep some aspect which you are known for rather than just cutting it out.

I mean the WWE is known for creating some top divas as well like Trish Stratus, Chyna, Lita, etc. and these women signified the divas division and took it to whole new level whilst they kept its legacy.

I mean it’s like asking Kane quit that monstrous aspect of his if he is not doing it well and asking him to become like Santino.

Does that make sense? No, it does not.

So the point is that The Divas Division has been there for years and hence it being struck off makes no sense as the WWE “stands” for that as well.

Now, after considering points both against and for it, it’s now time for the verdict.

And the verdict is that “NO” for both the questions asked.

Allow me to justify the first answer first, the WWE need not do away for the Divas Department.

The reason being that we can’t just cut of one aspect which it stands for, and for answering the question I raised for the argument, I would like to say that it surely can be “improved.”

I mean I know that it is sort of ruining the legacy but this got outshined by the other point I raised.

Not only this, but also it’s staleness and the problem of it being disgrace can be rectified and that’s simple, just make the Divas department good again, have intense story line feuds, have long matches, give them long title reigns, find athletic divas rather than find models and induce them to learn a few moves.

So this thing has a solution and hence if I were Vince then I surely would say that the Divas are “here to stay.”

One more thing is that they are like the hidden assets, I mean we have seen in the past that they can make for great story lines, matches and also help bring in a lot of air time as tons of fans tune in when they come on, so I guess that it is safe to say indeed that this thing is here to stay and should stay.

I hope I was able to convince those few people, who want it to be fired though, any point against my view will be happily assessed and replied back by me so do tell me if you agree now or not.

Now finally moving to another burning-scorching-hot question.

I saved the best for the last.

The argument is-


Does John Cena Suck? Does He Deserve To Be The Face Of The Company?


The answer to the first one   is no-no-no-no-no-no chance in hell


The answer to the second one is HELL YEAH!!!


Now let me just explain! Man! This one is going to be long!

First the answer to the first question:

Now, to prove that Cena does not suck, all I am going to do is rate him on the various essentials that are needed in a “superstar.”

Lets start with his Mic Work: Cena is one of the best guys they have right now, in fact if we keep aside guys like Jericho, Trips, CC etc then Cena is surely in that list as well

His rapper gimmick provides testimony to the fact that he sure as hell knows how to handle it.

Now someone who says that Cena is bad on the Mic, I say go and check out his raps on you tube and you will find that out.

Now His Personality- Cena has got a good personality, I mean personality is something which makes you stand out in a group and be known for something and still be respected.

Now even if he is a Super Man now, but he still stands out amongst the RAW guys good enough to be easily differentiated! I mean common we call him a super man, well super man Cena does stand out for sure whether you like it or not.

Then comes the point of respect, well his T-Shirts and Caps scream Hustle Loyalty and Respect and not only this, for all the Cena Haters, think about this, you hate him as he is portrayed as a nice guy, you hate him as he does it for the kids.

Now let me just ask you, if a guy prefers busting his ass and loves to stay on the road for making kids and fans happy and neglects his wife and family in the time being, I mean doesn’t it speak highly of his character?

I mean we guys were all praise for Taker when this year he got burnt during EC but still continued but what Cena does goes to trash.

Now lets talk about how over is-Well surprisingly he is over both as a heel and also a face, Surprising? Let me explain.

We all know that tons of people like Cena hence it proves that he is indeed over a face.

Now, Cena has many haters as well, now what that means is that he is one guy whom the people would just love to hate which proves my point as well.

Hence whether you hate him or love him, want him to be a heel or a face, he rocks for sure.

Then and finally his wrestling abilities-Now many guys say that he is not good in the ring and well I agree with them?

Now let me ask you a question, don’t the other guys also repeat their moves?

I mean lets take Orton for instance, the punches and the kicks aside how many maneuvers does he have, I mean don’t we anticipate his RKO’s and his Punts? Yeah we do.

But when Cena gives an STFU or an Attitude Adjustment we do Ohhh! What The Dash (F-Word)

Now, I think that we have jammed our minds with that belif that he sucks and hence never look at his matches with an open mind.

I am not saying that he is the best, no-no he is not the best in the ring but his moves are powerful and full of energy, they shake up the entire ring and we always like to say that.

Also Hulk Hogan, never had the best move set but man! We never ridiculed him like Cena so I guess we need to at least once look at his matches with an open mind.

In fact check out his performance at Mania, he put on brilliant matches 2006, 2007, 2010.

Cena has put on some of the best matches this year with Batista which proves that he can indeed put on great matches as well.

So he has all the essentials to be a top guy.

Now lets talk about his gimmick and let me just say that his “gimmick is stale.”

Yeah that’s right I said it.

But the point is that we don’t have Cena to blame for it but the darn creative staff to blame for it, Cena is a like a shield who is taking all the blame while the creative staff is the root cause for it.

I mean what can you expect a Super Man to do, he is just playing his part. I mean you can expect a super man only to lift giants and impressive kids, you can’t expect him to RKO the guest hosts or beat up all the bad guys.

So all said and done, His Gimmick and The Creative Idiots Suck and Not Him.

I also have a question for you guys, when Austin guest hosted RAW and we did not get that usual Austin we all happily blamed the PG Crap and Creative Guys for him not being the Austin he really is but when it comes to Cena people just don’t realize that in his case as well. I question why? Do you do so?

So, the long and short of this is that, Cena does not suck but the way he has been booked sucks, so rather than picking on him lets bash up and pick on the creative staff in stead and for the love of god let’s stop blaming him.

Now the answer to my second question-Does he deserve to be the face of the company?

My answer is yep! Without a shout of a doubt he does.

Let me just explain this, after being a face there is tons of responsibility on your shoulders and you have to be on the road 24*7.

Now if we compare some other wrestlers day to day work with Cena we will be shocked to see as to how much abuse does Cena take and how tough and challenging it is to be a face.

A non-face wrestler will spend a day in training, working out, attending RAW/SD,being on the plane-bus-car to reach the stadium and on some occasions sigh autographs.

While Cena on the other hand has to do not only this but also attend charity events, late night talk shows, please the kids, attend conferences and meetings as he represents the WWE globally, autograph signing, act for movies and sitcoms, talk to news guys.

Phew…. All this in a total of 24 hours, now you tell me is it easy? No way it’s OMGWTF tough and at times also impossible and considering the fact that he does so much for us fans, takes tons of criticism and still continues, he deserves to be the face of the company.

Even Shawn once said that on many occasions he had the option of being the champ but he ignored it as it was almost impossible to do so as it really was tough, I mean you heard it from someone whom you respect like hell so I guess it is indeed justified that Cena is the face of the company.

Man! This was OMG big, but I was just defending my champ.


Also, I would like to say that my opinion was by no way a rant against Cena haters, I was just so pumped that I might have sort of displayed it and I got nothing against you ,my fellow mates.


So that’s it guys, my views on a few burning questions, hope you liked it!


As always I would really appreciate your feedback whether positive or negative but please do comment so that I know that my article was of some use for the IWC and the WWE Universe.


And BTW, do sign up for this Matt Hardy fan page as well on FB, a huge Matt Hardy mark here on FB has created it


It’s time to end a few stretched and very much talked about arguments, I have expressed my views al ready what’s your’s. Please do comment and tell me


Ya can find it at this link











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