Time To Oblige the WWE Universe: Petition To Allow Matt Hardy To Shine!!!

Iam D Real Deal yoSenior Writer IMay 15, 2010

Hey guys, I am back.

The IWC is always flooded with talks about how underrated and underused Matt Hardy is. There are tons of die hard Matt fans who would really love to see him rise to the top of the food chain “at least once” more than anything in this world.

Given the fact that Hardy has contributed a lot for this business and gave us really great performances time and again and has refused to “die” so to speak and keeps coming back every time, we need to acknowledge it.  

Hence it is time for the WWE Universe to acknowledge him and oblige by signing this petition to allow Hardy to “shine at least once” for he deserves it.

I have to admit that Matt might not be my favorite wrestler, and I am sure that even though many people out there like Matt, even they might be huge fans of Michaels, Orton, Edge etc., as compared to Matt.

But still we love him and respect him for what he has given to the business, he is one guy whom we all feel for, one guy we all feel who has been served with nothing but injustice, so I thought of writing this petition article so that we can help someone get what he deserves.

Now there are many who hopefully will sign this petition but for those who don’t agree, I say you read this whole thing and then display your “humane” side.

So let’s see, Hardy has been in the “wrestling” circuit for the past 18 years, yeah that is right 18 years; he made his debut when he was just a 17-year-old.

Now there are tons of kids out there who have achieved a lot at this age, be it on the academic level, sports level, in the world of acting, music, etc.

But having the guts to do jaw dropping moves at this age wherein one mistake and you could be on the bed for the rest of your life is indeed commendable.

In fact to try and achieve perfection in this article of mine I did a lot of research and I found out that around the age of 17-18 the power and the will to take punishment is less as compared to the power and will you have to take punishment when you reach 20-22, even though it is easy to recover if you are young.

But still the fact that the fact that Matt “actually used to imitate the moves” he saw on Television along with his brother and friends in TWF speaks for his guts and sheer love and determination to fight.

There are many teen icons here in the US who earn a lot of money and get a lot of publicity and have a lot of talent but you tell me that at this age what deserves more compliments: a music album or a 17-year-old teenager who is ready to bust his ass and risk his life for a dangerous sport which is wrestling.

After working with the TWF and Omega at a young age and even working for NEWA as High Voltage, he along with his brother Jeff signed with the “then known as” WWF as a “legendary” ( at least for me though) tag team i.e. The Hardy Boyz.

There, he and his brother Jeff worked as a great tag team who produced death defying moves every now and then.

It was during the Attitude Era that the tag team division was at its peak and to make full use of it the WWE introduced this concept of “extremely brutal” TLC Matches.

Now we know that many moves in wrestling are done in such a way that it does not hurt the opponent, but these TLC matches are so damn real and extremely painful for the performers.

Matt took uncountable chair shorts to his head all the time and we all know that how painful these can be, I mean one really bad shot to the head and bam! You have yourself a guy whose chances of being sound after reaching a certain age are reduced.

So you indeed got to applaud him for doing that.

Then Matt was on many occasions slammed through the table and there is indeed a high amount of risk involved in these cases as well.

He risked his vertebral column thus affecting his spinal cord (as I found out after research) because if a wrestler landed wrongly, then it might lead to unwanted outcomes on the wrestler’s body.

So he took all the abuse and took this gamble of being bedridden for the rest of his life and for whom did he do it? Oh yeah that’s correct for us “Wrestling Fans.”

Matt took the risk of flying through ladders and man; you guys have to agree that these moves are not only painful but are really-really dicey and given the known authenticity that he did it millions of times we fans have to step up and “come out of closet,” so to speak, to do our bit for him.

I mean he had to be a perfectionist at this and even one eerie mistake could break his neck, and we all know that it really can keep guys on the shelf for a long time, don’t believe me try to remember guys like Hardcore Holly, does it ring a bell?

And know you add to his “Life on the Edge” wrestling ability his good character in person as well.

Last year I read that Matt was finally taking some time off for an injury, now I know that many of you guys know that he had sustained that injury long ago.

If my memory serves me well, I remember reading some news about Hardy where in he stated that he had sustained that injury long ago but choose to “suck it up” so that his injury problems and don’t affect WWE.

This speaks highly of his character. Woah! We guys have always respected Shawn for his disposition I guess that the “Underrated King” {a prize he shared along with Shelton Benjamin) is underrated in this department, too.

I don’t exactly remember as to when exactly did he sustain them but I do remember that it happened around quadruple times between 2007 and 2009 at crucial times and near crucial PPV Events but he did not give a damn about it and kept entertaining us fans without caring about himself at all.

The result, Matt is now suffering from a severe abdominal injury that prevents him from training the way he should be training.

In fact his injury became really serious last year around Wrestlemania but still for the WWE Universe and just for the record not for saving his ass but also for showing his respect to the WWE he still carried on for some while.

Here is some information I found on his Wikipedia page

“Hardy had suffered a tear in his abdominal muscle two years previously, but had not needed surgery until it worsened, and became a danger to his health .

This proves my point and also tells us that how good in person this guy is.

He even wrestled that I Quit Match with his brother Jeff last year at Backlash and that deserves a “hats off” indeed and broke his hand and wrestled wearing a cast even though it deserved a surgery.

Not only this, but even now this guy is not fully fit and not at his best but he still is taking a lot of unnecessary beating at the hands of Drew McIntyre so that he can help promote talent so that we fans can enjoy wrestling.

I mean common don’t be senseless stones, reciprocate the love he has shown for us.

But this is not the biggest reason yet to sign this petition, the biggest reason is that “The Matt Hardy” who has done OMG so much for this business.

The guy who has put his physical and mental well being on the line at all times himself is not pleading his case to the WWE Authorities to be pushed into the main event scene.

Yeah that is right, I myself on this site have had many discussions and did not believe it at first but now I do because I have read that many of my fellow writers and community members think this way or rather know that Hardy is happy being the Mid Card King.

So after hearing, reading all this I decided to pen this article down to show my and the people who sign it, our profess to allow Hardy to shine at least once so that we guys can have a “feel good” Champ after a long time.

Now I know that the chances of that happening are less but together we guys can make a difference. In fact I just found out on Wikipedia that way back in 2005 Matt was brought back into the company due to a petition, this is what I found on his page-

Fans began a petition on the Internet, wanting WWE to resign Hardy, and amassed over 15,000 signatures.  


I doubt or rather I know that this article will not be able to do that but I have this “never say never” thing going on lately as you might have found out if you read my last article.

So I say we guys give it a try and who knows? We might see Hardy win some title and if not that gets into one good personal rivalry which culminates at Wrestlemania so that we guys are somewhat satisfied with the justice served to him.

Now I am aware that Hardy is having these fitness issues that might go against the so well deserved push.

So my solution is that give him some “actual” time off, I mean he took very less time for his injury last year so my point is that the WWE gives him around 2-3 months so that he can be in better shape when he returns and can get the push.

I also found out that it is very difficult to get this injury rectified but I suppose that if we give him some time off we can indeed have him as our champion for around 2-3 months which is decent indeed, I know that all of us want to see him as a champ at least once but I guess having one reign at least as a champ can really provide a lot for the followers of Mattitude.

So that’s it readers, this is my petition to allow Hardy to shine. I hope that you guys liked it and if those Matt Hardy haters out their still don’t want to sign it then all I can say is that you guys are “inhumane

So, please-please every one who reads my petition do sign it liked my acknowledgement do sign it, like always all the comments are going to be welcomed and also for those who don’t agree you are allowed to comment as well so that all of us followers of Mattitude can pursue you to change your minds...not a rant, guys, just a suggestion

I hope that this article reaches WWE so that something happens and considering the fact that I read in a comment in an article that we guys are being heard and the success of the previous petition, so my hopes have increased indeed.

What do you guys think, can we make a difference? I think we can, what do you have to say? Do let me know for sure.

And BTW readers- I apologize to you if my words hurt you or I was harsh in calling you “inhumane” and “senseless’ stones” " I hope that my words weren't too harsh, fueled by my passion and may have outdone my usual kindness!"


I have a lot of appreciation for my readers and respect them a lot but it was just for the article and by no means was a way to insult you. I hope you guys are going to take it the right way for I have taken this gamble for no one but Matt Hardy indeed


Thanks, I will appreciate your feedback.


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