WWE Smackdown! Recap: The Show Has Swagger

Jay BrennanCorrespondent IMay 22, 2010

Prior to the show’s opening credits there was a highlight of last week’s Jack Swagger segment. Big Show destroyed Swagger’s awards. The segment ended with him holding up the World Heavyweight Championship.


Opening Segment

The show kicked off with Luke Gallows and Serena talking about the decay of the country.

There are three new men in the ring willing to accept the straight edge lifestyle. CM Punk led them in the pledge of the Straight Edge Society and proceeded to shave their heads.

Serena really knows how to cut a promo. Her microphone skills are impressive, especially since she isn’t that far removed from her days at FCW. The role she plays in the Straight Edge Society is limiting her to being simply a mouthpiece. She has the wrestling skills that the Women’s division needs right now.

Rey Mysterio showed up to give his two cents and ranted about shaving CM Punk’s head which was a waste of television time in my opinion.

After the commercial break they show footage of SES attacking the new pledges who are obviously some local independent workers.

The Straight Edge Society angle reminds me of the movie Fight Club and CM Punk is Edward Norton.


Team Lay-Cool vs. Kelly Kelly/Tiffany

The match was pretty well executed. Layla El showed some improved mat work. Kelly Kelly used some surprising aerial attacks on the outside. Michelle McCool executed her “Faith Breaker” to get the victory.

I am baffled at the fact that they gave the title to Layla El who wasn’t winning many singles matches prior to her championship victory. I know Beth Phoenix’s injury didn’t allow a buildup, but they could have easily given it back to Michelle McCool. It would appear that the championship being put on Layla was strictly for storyline purposes.



Big Show Promo

The Big Show knocking out Jack Swagger highlight from three weeks ago was shown. The whole vignette was a mockery of Swagger’s constant bragging.

It's a terrible way to build up their program at Over the Limit pay-per-view this Sunday. But I guess it’s better than an arm wrestling match.


JTG vs. Caylen Croft

JTG gets a sloppy victory over Caylen Croft. He botched both the Mugshot from the middle rope and his tornado reverse STO finisher.

JTG appears to have the charisma to be a successful singles competitor. His hair style needs a make-over. I think his Nelly gimmick carried Cryme Tyme and I’m glad his feud with Shad Gaspard ended quickly.


Christian and Vicki Guerrero Backstage Segment

The segment was terrible and wasn’t nearly as funny as intended. Vicki Guerrero volunteered to be Christian’s first guest on the Peep Show’s return. Christian insulted her and said that his guest and he have never seen eye to eye.


Vance Archer/Curt Hawkins vs. Jobbers

The squash-match is what you would expect when you don’t know the names of their opponents. The announcers sold the angle that Archer and Hawkins have only 30 days to make an impact. I’m not sure how much of an impact you can make when they give you jobbers on television.

It’s a good sign however that the WWE is trying to build the tag team division.


Big Show Promo Two

Another worthless promo with a highlight of Big Show choke slamming Jack Swagger is shown.


(World Heavyweight Champion) Jack Swagger vs. Kofi Kingston

These two had an awesome back-and-forth match. Both Swagger and Kingston are athletic and move well in the ring. I enjoyed their match because they were actually given time to work.

Kofi Kingston got the victory over the World Heavyweight Champion after The Big Show distracted him.

The Big Show utilized the Titan Tron to display “Kofi just beat you” after the match. It was one of the funniest segments of the night.

I don’t understand why they keep booking Swagger as weak World Heavyweight Champion. He continues to job to mid-carders like Morrison and Kingston without any real purpose.



The Peep Show

Christian introduced Hornswoggle as his guest for the show. Hornswoggle plays to the crowd well and gives them a DX chop.

Christian volunteered to teach Hornswoggle how to speak Canadian. The segment goes over nicely with the Ontario crowd. I am glad to see that they are still using Hornswoggle to help on the comedy segments.

Vickie Guerrero interrupts the segment and has Dolph Ziggler attack Christian from behind. Chavo Guerrero executes a frog splash on Christian to add insult to injury.

Dolph Ziggler really does deserve the Intercontinental Championship. He has the look and skill to carry on a good match. His character reminds me of Mr. Perfect and resembles his look with the poodle haircut.


CM Punk/Luke Gallows vs. Rey Mysterio/MVP

The match was better than it was on paper. Rey Mysterio always gets a loud pop. The kids just love this guy. CM Punk has done a great job playing the heel as the WWE Universe has completely forgotten that they cheered for him not that long ago. His preaching is getting a little old however.

During the match the Hooded SES member attempted to attack Mysterio to no avail. Mysterio got the pin fall on CM Punk for the victory.



Drew McIntyre and Kofi Kingston Backstage Segment

Drew McIntyre gloated about how he was the “Chosen One” and that he was the cause of Teddy Long losing his authority. He was then interrupted by Kofi Kingston who questioned McIntyre about deserving the Intercontinental Championship. Kingston proceeded to tell McIntyre that the Intercontinental Championship was his and that he earned it.

I don’t see where Kingston’s claim is valid considering that McIntyre never lost the belt to begin with. Kingston won a mini-tournament for a title that was never legitimately vacated. He simply beat Christian, he never won the title.

Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre vs. Big Show

Drew McIntyre has one of the best entrance videos and music in the business. The only entrance that I could say is better right now is John Morrison’s slow motion entrance.

Big Show totally dominated McIntyre in this match. McIntyre attempted to lock up his double arm DDT finisher but was unsuccessful. It was really the only offense the Scottish superstar had before Jack Swagger attacked Big Show. I hate these non-finish main event matches.

I was surprised that McIntyre was so easily handled given that he is the current Intercontinental champion. The ending wasn’t very dramatic but I was glad to see Swagger get some shots on Big Show before the pay-per-view.


Overall Rating: 6.5/10


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