The Curious Case Of Desmond Wolfe

Ian MaloneCorrespondent IIIMay 21, 2010

TNA decided to implement a fan voting system to determine the number one contender for Rob Van Dam's title. This seemed like a great way for TNA to figure out which wrestlers were favorites with the fans. The only problem, they didn't like the results. 

Desmond Wolfe won the first voting and was rewarded with a glorified squash job to RVD. The fans' hunger for Wolfe was not quenched and he continued to lead the second poll. Jeff Hardy and Matt Morgan were the only wrestlers who came close to his numbers. TNA saw the error in its ways though and made reduced the power of fan voting as merely a component of the new ranking system. 

The winner of this fan voting would get his match on a PPV. Obviously TNA did not feel Wolfe was the man to headline a PPV, so the company gave the number one contender to Sting, who had about 1% of the fans votes. Why can't the fans get what they want?

Desmond Wolfe made a tremendous impact (no pun intended) when he hit the Impact Zone. The former ROH star showed WWE what they missed out on in his stellar feud with Kurt Angle. While he didn't win the feud, he sure left a lasting impression on just about everyone, everyone except Hogan and Bischoff.

Wolfe hasn't done much since Hogan joined TNA. Instead of feuding with Angle, Wolfe has been put into a ridiculous feud with Abyss over Hogan's WWE Hall of Fame ring and his hot valet. Wolfe is expect to "give" Chelsea to Abyss for 30 days (God knows what that means). What's happening? 

We don't need Abyss and these stupid WWE HOF ring storylines. TNA has too many performers to waste screen time on this stupidity. The people want Desmond Wolfe in the main event yet TNA is reluctant to let him shine. 

I find it shocking that TNA expects people to pay to see RVD defend the TNA championship against a man that 1% of the people actually wanted to be in the ring. PPV buyrates have never been good and I don't see why anyone should give their money for this mess. 

TNA has a bunch of stars who want to consistently be in the main event picture. Matt Morgan should not be wasting his time with The Band. The TNA audience wants him in the main event and not as his own tag team. 

The TNA audience has spoken. Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan should plan the Slammiversary card based on matches fans want to see, not "dream matches" that are over a decade late. There are plenty of wrestlers who are ready to lead the youth movement. Give them the ball and let them roll with it.