WWE Legend "Macho Man" Randy Savage Ties the Knot

Jersey Strong JayCorrespondent IIMay 21, 2010

Since WCW closed down in 2001, just about every legendary wrestling performer has made his return to the WWE is some way, shape, or form. 

Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Kevin Nash, Bret Hart, and Scott Hall were among some of the professional wrestlers that made their unlikely return to the WWE spotlight.

But one legend has always been the exception.

And I'm not talking about Psycho Sid.

"Macho Man" Randy Savage is someone who has been both loved and hated throughout his storied career.  Besides a brief appearance in TNA Wrestling at some point in 2005, Savage has been away from the mainstream wrestling scene since 2000.

One of the top drawing professional wrestlers of the 1980's and 1990's, Savage solidified himself as a true wrestling legend with incredible in-ring feuds. 

His one-of-a-kind voice is still recognizable to this day.  Although he is often imitated and never duplicated, Randy Savage has truly carved his place in professional wrestling history.

Yesterday morning, TMZ.com  broke the news that Randy Savage has tied the knot for the second time.  Although it is no shock that TMZ decided to poke fun at the retired professional wrestler, they did mention that his wife's name is Lynn and they seem happy.

In my eyes, it is great whenever Randy Savage comes up in the media in a positive light.  He has been somewhat of a mystery since he fell out of the limelight.  

Savage made a brief appearance in the original "Spider-Man" movie in 2002 as underground wrestling star Bonesaw McGraw, but other than that, there have been very few public appearances by Randy Savage.

I am sure articles like this come around every once in a while with wrestling fans pleading for the return of one of the all-time greats.  I am definitely one of those wrestling fans. 

Each year around Wrestlemania season, Savage's name comes up as a possible candidate for the WWE Hall of Fame.

But each year, he is nowhere to be found.

That is not a big deal, however, as the WWE Hall of Fame is just an attraction and is as kayfabe as any Hall of Fame could be. 

WWE decided to pay tribute to Randy Savage by releasing a DVD set of his greatest matches and interviews throughout his illustrious career.  This seemed like the perfect gateway for a return of The Macho Man, but it never seemed to happen.

There have been many rumors that have surfaced about why Randy Savage has yet to make a return to the WWE in any capacity.  Some seem more realistic than others, but none have been confirmed by anyone that has any merit in the wrestling business.

True fans of Randy Savage, like myself, can keep the hope that one day "Pomp and Circumstance" will blast throughout the arena and the crowd will rise to their feet in anticipation. 

Even if it is for one night only, long-time fans of The Macho Man would love to see him grace a WWE ring one more time.

Congratulations and best of luck to "Macho Man" Randy Savage.  One of the absolute greatest performers there has ever been.


Jason Alletto
The Wrestling Roundtable