TNA Sacrifice 2010 : BR Prediction League

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TNA Sacrifice 2010 : BR Prediction League

Another Sunday night and another TNA Pay-Per-View.

Tomorrow night Sacrifices will be made.  They might be Titles, they might be pride, but someone will give of their whole self to achieve that one thing they have been longing for.

Sacrifice looks to be the best PPV of TNA's year so far, but as far as I see it, until they pick up their production in the ring there is only two matches that will blow our minds.  Instead of all nine.

Match 1 -TNA World Heavyweight Champion Rob Van Dam vs "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles - 5 points

Match 2 -"The Icon" Sting vs "The Founder of TNA" Jeff Jarret - 3 points

Match3 -  Mr. "Ke... I mean" Anderson vs "I Postponed my Trial for another 3 Months" Jeff Hardy - 3 points

Match 4 -TNA Tag Team Champions Scott Hall and Kevin Nash vs Ink Inc. (Shannon Morre and Jesse Neal - 3 points

Match 5 - "The Stripped X -Division Champion" Douglas Williams vs TNA X- Division Champion Kazarian - 2 points

Match 6 - (Chelsea vs Hogan's Ring) Desmond Wolfe vs Abyss - 2 points

Match 7 - Global Champion Rob Terry vs Orlando Jordan - 1 point

Match 8 - (Career vs Title) Tara vs TNA Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne - 2 points

Match 9 - (#1 Contenders Match) Beer Money vs Team 3D vs Motor City Machineguns - Winner - 2 points, Loser - 1 point, Both - 4 points

Bonus 1 - Will Ric Flair get involved in AJ vs RVD - 2 points

Bonus 2 - Will Hogan get involved in Wolfe vs Abyss - 2 points

Bonus 3 - In Sting vs Jarret will it be Bat or Guitar or both that are used - 3 points

Upset Award is in effect for all matches except Match 9

Total Possible Points - 34

Copy and Paste this into a comment box and fill in your answers:



Happy Predicting day, and remember just guess if you have no idea.

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