Oakland Raiders: Why So Hated?

FL Raider GirlAnalyst IJuly 19, 2008

The Oakland Raiders, have from inception, had their up and downs, just like every other team.  They have won three Superbowls. Some teams have won more and some have won less. Others, none at all. I know our record speaks for itself.  So why are we so hated!

I see teams that didn't do well last year, like the Miami Dolphins, 1-15.  But they aren't talked about like the Raiders are.

Is it because the of the fans of the Raider Nation? Are they too loyal? Wait, can you be too loyal? I know that I have seen more Giants gear worn by more people since they won the Superbowl. But, that's the case with every team.

Is it because of stick-um and the days when the Raiders knew how to tackle? And I only say it that way, because I think the Raiders need to get back to the days of when they hit someone, the other guy fell down hard. But that is another story (hmmmm....Hey maybe another article later).

Is it because of our wonderful catchphrases like "Just Win Baby", "Pride and Poise", "Commitment to Excellence"?

Or is it because of the "House of Thrills", good ole Oakland Coliseum? How other teams don't like to play in "our" house. Because of the Black Hole and our committed fans that dress in skulls and pirate outfits. Fans that usually bring a dummy dressed in the other teams colors to tear apart when the other team gets close enough to see it.

I am going to actually welcome comments from people that are willing to tell me why they hate the Raiders.

But one condition, I don't want people that come in and say "because they suck".  I admit it's been a bad five years, but after 48 years we've had more good than bad. So, really think about it and comment. Myself, as a 28-year fan, is dying to know.