Short-Lived GM Job for Vickie: Orton Beats Edge, Dibiase in 2-1 Match

lee raydeanCorrespondent IMay 13, 2010

What in the hell is really going on RAW? Vickie Guerrero and Edge teaming up again? I thought I was seeing and hearing things. Does the WWE Universe have to go through this again?

Ths is big fans. Randy Orton opened the show. He was talking about how he more or less didn't care for Edge and explained why he didn't want to team up again with Edge, and why he can't trust him.

Just about then Edge came out but didn't enter the ring. Smart move. He told Randy that he talked to the higher ups about a few things.

According to Edge, the WWE management agreed with him about how the celebrity GMs shouldn't have any power over the superstars.

He went on to say that he also mentioned to them that RAW needs only one permanent GM and again, according to Edge, WWE agreed with him and he referred ...... I couldn't believe my eyes, but yes it was Vickie Guerrero'

Should have known that once Edge got on RAW, he would be scheming and trying to take over. He almost succeeded. I said almost because his little scheme backfired.

Vickie announced that Randy would be in a match that night and it was to be a two on one handicap match. Edge and a partner of his choosing. He literally stood there with Vickie gloating.

Edge and Vickie acted as if nothing bad had happened between them. They were apologizing to one another for the past. Ughhh is all I have to say about all that. Edge used Vickie in the past and he tried to again.

Well it was time for the match and Randy was all ready to clean up the mat with Edge and whoever his partner was. I never thought that his teammate would be.......

Ted Dibiase. They were acting like they were best friends. Maybe they were in a past life. Anything is possible.

The match started and Vickie was sitting at ringside just like Edge asked her to be. She said she did not want to be left alone with Randy because he was scary looking.

Edge and Ted ganged up on Orton and they were relentless until Randy got into that psychotic stage, where he looks and acts like a viper. That's when the Viper struck and bit his prey.

Orton was laying on the mat after he threw Edge out of the ring. Randy had that devil look on his face. His body was twitching as he watched Dibase on the mat. The fans were going crazy. This is what they wanted and needed to see. Randy is their hero. The bad guys had to be put down.

Edge was on his feet and tried to get back in the ring but the Viper was right there and knocked him back on the floor where Edge hit the announcer's table.

Now it was just Orton and Dibiase in the ring. Nothing between them, no interference, just them. You knew what was coming and it happened, Randy RKO'd Dibiase.

After the match, things were getting really interesting. Randy jumped out of the ring and was slowly walking towards Vickie. She was screaming for Edge to get up from the floor.

No response at all from Edge. Randy continued to walk towards Vickie and she kept screaming for Edge. Out of the corner of his eye, Randy saw Edge get up and he RKO'd him as well.

Vickie was still screaming that she resigns and she managed to get past Randy when he took his eyes off of her for two seconds. Guess that's the end of the Edge and Vickie era.

What's the moral of this story? Answer is....all's not fair in love and war.