Do You Believe In Magic?

Angie MeyerContributor IIMay 10, 2010
...and I hope you do. Honestly, who doesn't love that song? Wish it didn't remind me of American Pie... okay, tangent, sorry.
If you're the Atlanta Hawks, you surely do believe in magic, the kind of magic that needs a quick antidote. As in, absolutely needs that serum delivered, very, very fast. An antidote that only a few players, such as Joe Johnson, can properly administer.
If you've not been following the NBA playoffs thus far, we have a whole 'lotta catching up to do. While scrolling though past content, I've noticed something extremely important **to all of us**, noticeably absent from the last couple weeks. NBA playoffs.
Currently, the NBA is in the midst of the semi-regional play-offs. You may be totally with it already, and know which teams have progressed, and whose already called it a season. Or, this might be revelation for you. Now you can nod your head in understanding... so this is why the intensity level for both NBA teams and the fans, is literally through the roof. Aha!
It's of utmost importance that you know the contenders at play. We'll break them down and study them by series, so that when you are three martinis deep at the sports bar, you'll be keeping pace, just like Carlos Boozer (you can insert joke here).
We already know that NBA has an Eastern Conference, and a Western Conference. Very similar to how the NCAA tournament is run, NBA teams are given seeds based on their season performance. Top seed plays bottom seed, second to second, and so on. Each Conference (East and West) has it's own series happening simultaneously. Currently each series is the best of seven games, meaning, the team who wins four games first will move into the next round. The round preceding our current round is the conference finals. The conference finals will select which two teams will match skills and wits in the finals. However, we've just gotten ahead of ourselves. In order to get there, we must first examine what we've got here. And by here, I mean which teams are in current contention. Let's start this week examining the east, then later moving west.
How, Fabulously Oregon Trail of us...
Playoff Match-up: Orlando Magic vs. Atlanta Hawks
Orlando Magic - First Place in the Southeast
Colors: Light Royal, Black, Silver, and White
General Manager: Otis Smith
Conference: Southeastern Division, Eastern Conference
Last Game: Sat, May 8 vs. Atlanta - Win 105-75
Next Game: Wed, May 12 vs. Atlanta - 8:00 pm (est)
Series Record: Orlando leads the series 3-0
Season Record: 59-23
Coach: Stan Van Gundy
Notable Play-makers: Dwight Howard (Center), Anthony Johnson (point guard), Jameer Nelson (point guard), Rashard Lewis (forward), J.J. Redick (shooting guard)
Founded: 1989
Championships: 0 Conference Titals: 2 Division Titles: 5
Their Home: Amway Arena
Magic Trivia: Orlando was the most successful of the four franchise teams founded in 1989. When Orlando was given word they would get a franchise team, a local newspaper held a contest to name the franchise. Close to 5,000 votes were submitted, and the top vote-getters were: Magic, Heat, Juice, and Tropic. Of the four, the selection committee chose Orlando Magic. Wouldn't it be interesting if the Atlanta Hawks were playing the Orlando Juice. Talk about some serious O.J. for your morning.
Atlanta Hawks - 2nd Place in the Southeast
Colors: Navy, Red, Silver, White
General Manager: Rick Sund
Conference: South East Division, Eastern Conference
Last Game: Sat, Ma 8 vs. Orlando - Loss 105-75
Next Game: Wed, May 12 vs. Orlando - 8:00 pm (est)
Series Record: Orlando leads series 3-0
Season Record: 53-29
Coach: Mike Woodson
Notable Play-makers: Al Horford (forward-center), Joe Johnson (guard), Mike Bibby (guard), Mario West (guard), Josh Smith (forward)
Their Home: Phillips Arena
Founded: 1946
Championships: 1 Conference Titles: 4 Division Titles: 14
Hawks Trivia: Young Rapper Bow Wow (formerly 'Lil Bow Wow) is one of the owners of the Atlanta Hawks Franchise. He is only 23 years of age.
Okay Dolls, we know Orlando is up this series 3-0. One more loss by Atlanta, and the Hawks will fly home for summer. Game four will be played in Orlando on Wednesday night. If Orlando wins, the Magic will glitter into the Eastern Conference Finals. Do you believe in magic?
Stay Fabulous,