Why There Won't Be A Longstanding Heavyweight Champion in The UFC Part 2

Jake SauickieCorrespondent IMay 9, 2010

MONTREAL- MAY 8: Kimbo Slice (L) punches Matt Mitrione in their heavyweight bout at UFC 113 at Bell Centre on May 8, 2010 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  (Photo by Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images)
Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images

Welcome back everyone. I'm here to complete the list for the heavyweights everyone should take notice of in the UFC.

The first article was mostly the guys we all know about, but now it's time for me to mention these guys that haven't gotten the attention they deserve. I'm not saying any of them are in the title picture or will be champion, but I guarantee you many of these guys will be fighting some of the top guys in the UFC someday.

Let's get started shall we.

Pat Barry: I like to think of Pat Barry as MMA's version of Mike Tyson. He's a short guy with a stocky build, and packs a wallop in everything he throws. By comparing him to Mike Tyson, it is safe to assume he is a small guy. Standing at 5'11" and weighing about 230 pounds, he is without a doubt a small heavyweight. But, if there is one thing he has on his side, it's his dangerous striking. He is an American with training under infamous dutch kickboxer Ernesto Hoost and has phenominal striking. In his debut we saw Pat Barry decimate Dan Evensen in under three minutes with thudding leg kicks that made me cringe. Following that fight he fought UFC newcomer Tim Hague and was on his way to another win with powerful kicks, but once Hague took him to the ground, we saw Barry's weakness. . .submissions. After that, he came back strong against Dutch kickboxer Antoni Hardonk with a knockout. I doubt Barry will ever be champion, but it is same to assume that standing with this guy is a bad idea, no matter who you are. He is slated to fight Cro Cop next. If Barry can keep the fight standing and end things quick enough, I not only think  he can beat Cro Cop, but also beat some top heavyweights out there.

Chris Tuchscherer: This heavyweight looks like he could be Brock Lesnar's "little" brother. Standing at about 6'1" or 6'2", and weighing about 260 pounds., Tuchscherer is a guy I think has a lot of potential. He was originally a contestant on the last Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights, but the UFC executives thought he looked so good, he deserved a shot at one of the UFC's top dogs, Gabriel Gonzaga. That night didn't go over so well because in the opening minute, Tuchscherer was hit with an inadvertent low blow from an inside leg kick and he was down. I'm surprised that is wasn't for good. I'm even more surprised that his testicles were still intact. But after vomiting and catching his breath, Chris showed his true heart and wanted to fight. Unfortunately, that was the beginning of the end. It wasn't long after that Tuchscherer took a head kick from Napao and lost by TKO soon after. I was amazed at how well he took a head kick from Gonzaga and still fought on. He won his last fight over Tim Hague and is now expected to fight TUF 10 runner up Brendan Schaub. This looks like a good fight that will prove each fighter's worth in the UFC. This guy is a solid wrestler and if he gets on top of you, the fights over. If he listens to training partner Brock Lesnar, I think he can be the gatekeeper to Brock.

Kimbo Slice: The Bare Knuckle Brawler is now a Mixed Martial Artist. At 6'2", 225, Kimbo is a legitimate threat if he hits you in the right spot. Sadly, that will never happen. I would like to see Kimbo do some good at heavyweight, but after witnessing him at UFC 113 tonight, I don't think that will ever happen. In the opening seconds of his bout with TUF alum, Matt Mitrione, Kimbo looked like he could have won the fight, but as time went on, Kimbo gassed and started to be chopped down with powerful leg kicks. Unless the UFC creates a Cruiserweight division for fighters between 206-240, Kimbo will be dominated by most heavyweights. Dana White has insisted that the UFC will never do that though. Hopefully he fights James Toney in the future as well as cut to light heavweight where he can raise some hell. But Kimbo has said he likes to be at heavyweight. If Kimbo can get some good cardio and learn everything about MMA, I can see his chances at heavyweight against anyone improving drastically.

Roy Nelson: The Ultimate Fighter Heavyweight winner is making a name for himself in the UFC's heavyweight division. He stands at 6 feet tall and weighs in at 265 pounds and that's not a built 265. He is the first fighter I've ever seen besides Butterbean that is shaped like a globe. He's knocked out two good fighters in Brendan Schaub and Stefan Struve and only wants good fights. He was slated to fight Cheick Kongo, but after Kongo suffered a back injury, it is now rumored he will fight Frank Mir. I would love to see Nelson get into title contention because it would be hilarious just watching him at the weigh ins with a guy like Lesnar or Carwin. I can see the title for the fight now. The Next Big Thing vs. The Big Mac .

Ben Rothwell: The former IFL Heavyweight Champion was a good acquisition for the UFC. Standing at 6'5" and weighing in at 265 pounds, Rothwell is a guy you have to take notice of. He didn't look good coming into the UFC, but here are two reasons why I think that is. First off, his welcoming into the UFC was a fight against Cain Velasquez. Cain is no easy opponent, especially a guy with Big Ben's credentials. Secondly, he didn't fight for almost a year and looked like he had some ring rust. Ben was set to face Cro Cop at UFC 110 but succumbed to sickness in the last few days. Now he is slated to face infamous Dutch Kickboxer Gilbert Yvel. Maybe Ben will show everyone what he made of in his upcoming fight.

Gilbert Yvel: The Hurricane is good fighter and a legend in the sport of MMA. But sadly, his best days are behind him and his chances of being the UFC champion are long gone. Standing at 6'2" and weighing about 245 pounds, he's no longer a threat in the UFC's heavyweight division. He came into the UFC against Junior Dos Santos and got KTFO. He is slated to fight Ben Rothwell next and I'm betting we'll see fireworks. With a good win, I'd say he deserves a good heavyweight like Gabriel Gonzaga. The fight I'd like to see Yvel take though is a rematch with French Kickboxer Cheick Kongo.

Matt Mitrione: Meathead looks better everytime I see him fight. The TUF 10 Alum just won his second fight in the UFC against opposing teammate Kimbo Slice. Standing at 6'3 and weighing about 255 pounds., Matt has the size to be a threat in the UFC's heavyweight ranks, but after seeing the way Kimbo muscled him around at 225 pounds., I'm worried what a guy like Brock or Carwin will do to him. I have no doubt he'll do good in the UFC, but I just don't see him being a championship caliber fighter. But who knows, anything can happen in MMA. I might eat those words one day if Mitrione becomes champion.

Well, those are the other heavyweights in the UFC I think deserve a lot of attention everytime they fight because they all have the potential to end the fight in an instant and you never know who will be the one left standing.

They aren't the UFC's best, but I think some of them could be some day with some hard work and dedication.