Creature vs. Creature: Sam Stout Will Stone Jeremy Stephens at UFC 113

Colton WhittemoreCorrespondent IMay 7, 2010

It is time once again, ladies and gentleman! Time again for the UFC 113 edition of Creature vs. Creature.

For this edition, my colleague Robert Gardner and I will be featuring Sam Stout vs. Jeremy Stephens. I will be here to tell you all why Sam "Hands Of Stone" Stout will win this fight.

Stout is one of the best strikers in his division, and not a lot of people know that. It may be because of his inablity to finish his opponents. In his UFC career, all of his wins have come via decision.

In his last fight against Joe Lauzon at UFC 108, Stout had to defend against some slick submission work from his opponent in the first round. He went on to win via unanimous decision after controlling the last two rounds.

Against Stephens, Stout will have his hands full. Both are great strikers, and both have great chins. Neither of them have ever been knocked out, and both of them have the majority of their wins by KO or TKO.

I think Stout will win this fight for two reasons.

One, he has great technique in his strikes. Not many people know this, but he was once the IKF North American Welterweight Kickboxing Champ. He was also the Canadian lightweight Muay-Thai Champion and the North American Muay-Thai Champion. His technique may be enough to overcome Stephens' great boxing.

Two, Stout has great heart. Can you tell me you wouldn't have tapped out immediately when J-Lau put you in those submission holds, let alone defend them successfully and escape from danger? Stout is a beast when fighting from behind, and I think he will win this fight by KO in the second round.

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