World Championships of Fantasy Football: Draft Round Four

John GustafsonContributor IMay 6, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO - DECEMBER 14:  Michael Crabtree #15 of the San Francisco 49ers runs on to the field prior to their game against the Arizona Cardinals at Candlestick Park on December 14, 2009 in San Francisco, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Round Four

1. Bills Are Back—Dwayne Bowe, KC WR
2. EarlyBird—Matt Schaub, Hou QB
3. purestrength3—Pierre Thomas, NO RB
4. Ficitional Thugs—LeSean McCoy, Phi WR
5. JerrysJetsTony Romo, Dal QB
6. HAWKNATION—Jason Witten, Dal TE
7. Michael Crabtree, SF WR
8. Fantasy Assassins MF—Matt Forte, Chi RB
9. Did this dude just did this?—Knowshon Moreno, Den RB
10. CSACMA—Jahvid Best, Det RB
11. L.A. CONNECTION—Ronnie Brown, Mia RB
12. No Mercy—Cedric Benson, Cin RB


Position Breakdown

6 RBs, 3 WRs, 2 QBs, 1 TE


My Pick

I was looking at Pierre Thomas with this pick, but he was selected four picks prior to mine. I wasn’t wild about the value of any of the RBs in this round so I went with an upside pick in Michael Crabtree. Last year, Crabtree had 48 catches in 11 games and no offseason with his team.

I expect his reception total to go up in his second year in what should be an improved offense. Crabtree also has a nice schedule. I said with my previous pick that I’ve been burnt by second year players before, but that usually comes when there’s some turnover with the team from one year to the next.

For instance, Eddie Royal had a new coach last year and was a bust, DeSean Jackson had everything the same and was a stud. Not much has changed in the Niners offense so I’ll look for Crabtree to progress this year like Jackson and not bust like Royal. Also, by avoiding a gamble in the earlier rounds, I could make one in this round. I feel like this is a pretty safe pick and happy with it as Crabtree will most likely perform like a WR2 but will be my WR3. I like the advantage that provides.


Current Roster:

RB1—Joseph Addai
WR1—Andre Johnson
WR2—Miles Austin
WR3—Michael Crabtree