University Of Kansas 2010 Post Spring Football Game Depth Chart

JDAnalyst IMay 1, 2010

LAWRENCE, KS - OCTOBER 10:  Toben Opurum #35 of the Kansas Jayhawks runs with the ball during the game against the Iowa State Cyclones on October 10, 2009 at Memorial Stadium in Lawrence, Kansas. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Now that we've seen the 2010 Kansas Spring Game let's take a fun first stab at somewhat of a depth chart.

Keep in mind that we've seen little of what Turner Gill actually plans to do and even less of certain pivotal players due to injury. 

Also, I won't be including incoming freshmen on this list, because I haven't seen them on the college gridiron at all.

Here goes...


Weakside Defensive End: Quintin Woods, Jake Laptad, Tyrone Sellers

Strongside Defensive End: Jake Laptad, Kevin Young, Travis Stephens

Woods needs to step up, and Sellers needs to beef up.  He looked like a wide receiver next to Jamal Greene.


Nose Tackle: Jamal Greene, John Williams, Darius Parish

Defensive Tackle: Richard Johnson Jr., Patrick Dorsey, Randall Dent

Gill has a variety of unique skill set combinations he could try up front.  I hope Parish proves he deserves to be back on the defensive line.


Weakside Linebacker: Huldon Tharp, Josh Richardson, Dakota Lewis

Inside Linebacker: Justin Springer, Drew Dudley

Strongside Linebacker: Steven Johnson, Jacoby Thomas

Not much depth here.  Perhaps Dakota Lewis will get a chance to contribute, or Olaitan Oguntodu as a situational, hybrid guy.

I love what I'm seeing out of Johnson and Springer.  Sorry, Dudley, but the LB crew just looks faster this way.


Right Cornerback: Chris Harris, Isaiah Barfield, Anthony Davis, Corrigan Powell

Left Cornerback: Calvin Rubles, Tyler Patmon, Greg Brown

There is a lot of depth here, but I don't really sense a heirarchy at this point.  They all strike me as at about the same position.

Rubles has the best tools and had that great pick in the spring game.  Neither he nor Barfield has really re-earned my trust, though.


Free Safety: Prinz Kande, Dexter Linton

Strong Safety: Lubbock Smith, Phillip Strozier

Nickelback: Ryan Murphy, Olaitan Oguntodu

Two different kinds of nickel safeties here for two types of situations.  I like the versatility and athleticism in this group.


Right Tackle: Jeff Spikes, Michael Martinovich, Duane Zlatnik

Left Tackle: Tanner Hawkinson, Riley Spencer, Duane Zlatnik

I like Spikes' strength over Thorson's smarts for the new offense.  Hopefully he actually steps up.

Speaking of size, Duane Zlatnik has a week's worth, but also has decent feet from his defensive/tight end high school days.  I hope he works out.


Right Guard: Trevor Marrongelli, Brad Thorson, Carl Wilson

Left Guard: Sal Capra, Brad Thorson, Carl Wilson

Center: Jeremiah Hatch, Brad Thorson

Tom Mabry, Gavin Howard, and Joe Semple are guys that I just have no idea where to place.  I haven't seen enough of any of them.


Tight End: Tim Biere, A.J. Steward, Ted McNulty, Bradley Dedeaux

Fullback: Steve Foster, *Toben Opurum *

Ian Wolfe should have just as well stayed at tackle.  I like A.J. Steward, but I'd like to see him more effective as a blocker.

Opurum won't even practice at fullback, but if Foster went down and we badly needed a fullback in a select package, I doubt Opurum would mind filling in temporarily.


Runningback: Toben Opurum, *Deshaun Sands, Rell Lewis, Angus Quigley*

The last three are completely interchangeable.  Lewis may be under-utilized, but Sands is actually my favorite to wind up second on this list.


Wide Receiver A: Daymond Patterson, D.J. Beshears, Tertavian Ingram

Wide Receiver B: Bradley McDougald, Christian Matthews, Rod Harris

Wide Receiver C: Chris Omigie, Jonathan Wilson, Erick McGriff

Damn this chart is stacked.  Literally seven of these guys could rotate regularly with very minimal talent drop-off.

Keep up with my future articles to find out why, unfortunately, Wilson's senior season probably won't be his best.


Quarterback: Jordan Webb, Kale Pick, Quinn Mecham, Conner Teahan

Pick may have played the better game, but the spring game showed that Webb has better quarterback tools .

Pick doesn't go through his progression nearly as well as Webb, and despite the one, fantastic pick by Mr. Rubles, Webb showed the better arm and decision making in the game.

Still, Webb needs to get rid of the ball much faster.  I know he's smooth, but there were several of those sacks that Pick will get away from in a real game, but I'm not as sure Webb would have.


Punter: Alonso Rojas

Kicker: Jacob Branstetter, Nate Kalish

I've talked to Kalish, and Branstetter should watch out.  He may be a good tackler, but Kalish is on a mission.