The Chicago Bulls Fire Coach Vinny Del Negro

Darrell HorwitzSenior Writer IIApril 12, 2017

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Perhaps I'm a bit presumptuous with the heading of this article, but I can't take the suspense anymore with the Bulls letting "Our Coach Vinny's" career hang in the balance while they decide if he's the right guy to lead this young team.

We all know the answer to that one. We knew it two years ago when they hired him.

He wasn't the right man for the job, but "The Price is Right" is all that matters to Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf.

He interfered with the coaching decision two years ago, and now the Bulls are waiting for the owner to get back into town to make a decison that has already been made.

I don't know what the delay is about unless the organization is worried that Vinny is going to take advantage of his dust-up with Executive VP John Paxson and try to extract some extra money out of the deal.

Other than that, there is no question that he's not the right guy for the job.

His backers are going to say he led the team to the playoffs the last two seasons.

In actuality, he followed on the coattails of Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah along with a weak conference to make the postseason.

The Bulls lost to the Milwaukee Bucks at home in a must game that week with Andrew Bogut out with an injury. Former Bull coach Scott Skiles completely outcoached him and even found a way to stop Derrick Rose.

Then the Bulls found a way to lose to the New Jersey Nets a second time this year amidst controversy when Vinny failed to put Joakim Noah back into the game with 3.6 seconds left and the Bulls clinging to a two point lead.

Brook Lopez slammed in the rebound at the buzzer, and the question of why Noah wasn't in the game at the end helped the altercation with Paxson surface a short time later.

If not for the Cav's sitting out LeBron against the Bulls, they would have been sitting at home and Vinny would have already been handed his walking papers.

His coaching skills are definitely in question.

It took him until the 4th quarter of the final game of the playoff series against Cleveland for him to double team LeBron James.

He's probably the worst coach in the league at calling a play after a timeout. In fact, I'm wondering if the Bulls have ever scored on one of the plays he drew up.

It seems like the players usually ignore him in the huddle anyway. (They're probably looking at the Luvabulls, which isn't a bad diversion.)

The biggest indictment was when players were asked about Vinny coming back next year, not one player came forward and said they thought he was a good coach and that they wanted him back.

They said it was up to the organization to make the decision and they would have to go along with whatever they decided.

After prompting, a few said they liked him and hoped he came back, but what could they say, "He's a boob and I think he should be fired."

Because what if the Bulls do the unthinkable and bring him back for a third season? That would make for a very uncomfortable situation for the player that made that comment.

Are there any good atributes that Vinny brings to the table?

Well, he's a good dresser and has great hair. Guys would kill for that hair.

That brings me back to "The Situation." Vinny needs an answer soon because he is supposed to hook up with Snooki, Paulie, and The Situation in South Beach for the second season of "Jersey Shore."

The Bulls might not want him, but The Situation's sister Melissa sure looked like she did.