Tim Tebow a Bad Pick at #25? Only Because it Was Made by McDaniels

Jason DanielCorrespondent IApril 30, 2010

GAINESVILLE, FL - SEPTEMBER 12:  Tim Tebow #15 of the Florida Gators runs for yardage during the game against the Troy Trojans at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium on September 12, 2009 in Gainesville, Florida.  (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Now let me clarify a few things before we move on. First, I am a Denver Broncos fan. Second, I support McDaniels in every decision he has made. Third, I am really excited to have Tim Tebow in Denver.

So why was Tim Tebow such a bad pick at #25? It's simple, actually.  Because Josh McDaniels made it. Looking back at the last year, no coach took as much heat as McDoofus. McEgo, McPowertrip, McWhatever you want to call him.

We all know the story. He ran the great and powerful Jay Cutler out of town (he led the Bears to a Superbowl last year, right? Oh...well he surely put up better numbers than Kyle Orton, I'm sure. WHAT?!).  Then Brandon Marshall and Tony Scheffler get the boot.

He took an 8-8 team, got rid of the "superstar" players, and led them to...8-8. So wait a second, he got rid of the pro-bowl elected quarterback and still finished 8-8? McDaniels continues to take scrutiny over his personnel decisions, and why shouldn't he? He did exactly what Shanahan did, only in his first year. Lets not forget the horrible decisions Shanny made in the last 2-3 years regarding draft picks and free agents.

The fact of the matter is, if any other coach with a reasonable need at quarterback would have drafted Tebow at #25, it would not have been nearly the disaster is has been for McDaniels.

Think about it. In my last article I wrote about the #25 overall pick in the last 10 years of the draft, and how much pressure their coaches were under to develop them. Here they are:

Vontae Davis, Mike Jenkins, Jon Beason, Santonio Holmes, Jason Campbell, Ahmad Carroll, William Joseph, Charles Grant, Freddie Mitchell, Chris Hovan.

I'm going to claim to be slightly above the average football fan when it comes to knowledge of players and success/talent, but how many of those names slap you in the face with recognition? Jason Campbell was just traded to Oakland. Hovan was just released. I don't even know who the %&@$ some of those guys are, and unless they played for your franchise the last few years, you probably don't either.

So why are there no articles about them being the biggest draft bust ever? I would bet that by seasons end, if Tebow doesn't lead the Broncos to a Superbowl, the articles about him will be nothing short of how big of a draft bust he is. Really? Doesn't he have to throw for like, 8 passes and run for 29 yards to already be more recognizable than some of those guys? Screw it, I'm turning to Google.

Carroll—a CB drafted by Green Bay, cut in his first year. Where are the biggest bust articles? I bet if I wrote one it would have all of 2 reads. Thanks, mom and dad.

Joseph—After I typed his name in, Google asked me, Who? The first 6 Google results are about a fly fisher and a musician. Need I say more? Ok, fine. 7 years in the NFL, 7 career sacks. Throw him back.

Davis—Still young, a 2009 pick. 4 career picks, so far so good!

Mike Jenkins—6 career picks, selected as an alternate to the 2010 Pro Bowl! (and one of the few on here I have actually heard of).

Beason—A good player, second in 2007 Rookie of the Year voting.  2008 Pro Bowl, 2009 All-Pro team.

Grant—Decent career statistically, but not for a #25 overall pick. I had to stop reading his bio after the part about him being indicted on a charge of manslaughter where a pregnant woman and her unborn fetus both were killed. (REALLY fighting the urge to make a Tebow joke)

Mitchell—Picked in 2001, 90 career receptions for around 1,200 yards, aka one season of Brandon Marshall.

Hovan—Bucs just recently cut him, 17 sacks in 77 games.

Holmes—YES! I know this guy well! Just recently moved to the Jets, 20 TD, 3,835 yards. Nice.

Campbell—Also well known, but by no means a 1st round career. 10,000+ yds, 55 TD's, 38 INT's.

Ok, so Tebow has to do slightly more than previously stated to be better than his fellow #25 draft picks, but not much to escape the draft "bust" label. And why have we ignored the fact that Tebow wasn't the first QB picked, nor was he even the first PLAYER selected by Denver. I can see Thomas now at the mini-camp, "Um...doesn't anyone want to talk to me?"

This might be the most scrutinized number two overall team selection ever as well. All because he was taken in the first round, people say. So wait, if he slides a couple picks down to the first pick in the second round, does he become a steal? Explain this to me Mel Kiper Jr, the self-proclaimed draft guru and expert. Even though he is ridiculously wrong, year in and year out.

Look, get over McDaniels and his cleaning house. If an established coach picked Tebow at #10-15, it wouldn't have gotten the backlash that it is getting now. Get over it. Move on with your lives. Tim Tebow is a white Vince Young, and I haven't heard anyone criticizing Young's release in several years, probably because he wins games. And so will Timmy. When Denver wins the SB in the next 5 years, along with Tebow's MVP, I hope he sends it to Kiper.