TNA Knockouts: State of Displeasure?

Christi LottCorrespondent IApril 29, 2010

With the recent announcement that Tara is on her way out of TNA, along with the departure of Awesome Kong and rumored unhappiness of Taylor Wilde, it seems that TNA is in trouble when it comes to the Knockouts.

With the recent storylines involving the Tag Titles and the Knockouts Title itself, I'd say the women have something to complain about.

It was not that long ago when it seemed TNA was doing something the WWE doesn't: using the girls, and using them right. It was then, as it is now, that the TNA Knockouts are a ratings draw, and are often the highest watched segment.

They were being used constantly and consistently, and had members on their roster the WWE wouldn't or didn't have, namely Kong.

They also had an extremely strong and popular heel group in The Beautiful People, equally as good on the mic and in the ring.

Things started to seemingly get rattled a bit when Gail Kim jumped ship and returned to the WWE. She and Kong truly built that division and made it shine, and her departure hurt it for a short time.

TNA added the likes of Taylor Wilde to fill the popular face gap and made her a solid contender and a good champion. TNA continued to shine in adding the likes of international stars Sarita and Hamada, as well as popular indie wrestlers Cheerleader Melissa, Madison Rayne, and Daffney, and added an extremely known star like Tara (the long-suffering Victoria of WWE).

But at the beginning of this year, things took a turn for the worse. TNA released Cheerleader Melissa, known as Alissa Flash. This great talent seemingly was lost in the shuffle and never recieved a legitimate push as a face or heel.

Then rumors swirled that Awesome Kong was upset after a backstage altercation and began asking for her release. Longtime veteran Traci Brooks was released, Roxxi was released for the second time, and ultimately Kong was released as well.

Although the addition of a Tag Team Title ofr the Knockouts was meant to create mor matches having a direction, those titles lost their luster after Hamada and Kong won them, then Kong was released.

The titles were held up, then TBP won them and since then, have done nothing with them. The inaugural winners, Sarita and Taylor Wilde, haven't been seen on TV in some time, and Taylor has voiced her frustration on that matter.

Then there was the debacle of "The Boxes". The Knockouts Title had shifted hands multiple times, but had been won again by Tara. However, TNA decided to have a story in which she lost it thanks to picking the wrong box, and Angelina Love was awarded the title. She recently lost that title without even being pinned to Madison Rayne.

A final straw came with Tara announcing she's leaving TNA due to a seemingly familiar pattern that comes with TNA's appreciation of their Knockouts: not being paid enough. This is a common story out of TNA with the Knockouts being severely underpaid for their work as well as their drawing power.

Now with new people supposedly in charge of what's going on, a shift has somewhat begun to appear: ridiculous storylines, losing titles under silly circumstances...sounds familiar in another company when it comes to women wrestlers.

I have said many times and written other articles on TNA having the real power to take out the WWE in terms of really pushing their women, who, again, are a BIGGER draw than the men.

They are fun to watch in being no holds barred, lethal, vicious, and being crowd pleasers, especially when they're allowed to do so.

Now it seems that my Letter To Vince McMahon might have to go to Dixie Carter as well.