Izod IndyCar Series: Premium Branding

Andy BernsteinCorrespondent IApril 29, 2010

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It's a normal Sunday, and we knock on the door of Mr. and Mrs. Casual Sports fan. The kids are home too, channel surfing and batting around ideas for afternoon plans.

There's a Nascar race on today. Four baseball games, a golf tournament, some monster trucks jumping over dirt mounds, and 150 channels full of everything you can name.

And on one channel, there is an IndyCar race. It starts in 30 seconds. We have to convince them to light it up.

"Premium branding" seems like a fairly simple concept. Many retailers use it in a variety of extra special ways. Sometimes all it takes is overpricing the competition to make people think they're getting the best there is. Or comparing your brand to all the others, and making the case. The clock is ticking...

"Wanna watch the fastest cars in the world?" you serve up.

"Is NHRA on?" pipes in Junior Sports. "Dixon won Top Fuel in Vegas, 313 MPH !!"

OK, not so casual sports fans...

"How about a contest between men and women on an equal playing field to see who has the most skill ?" I'm scrambling here, but a winning vote from the Mrs. might do the trick.

"Yeah, there's a female baseball player in Japan, she's my age", tosses out young Spicy Sports. "Do you think she'll get a shot? Do the women ever win?"

You're all set to explain that it happened once a couple of years ago, and there are at least two women who could possibly make it happen again. Maybe. 

You check you Tissot. 19 seconds.

Casual adjusts his Mark Martin cap. He looks bored.

Here goes....

A long distance runner requires great strength and stamina.
A bicycle racer requires guile and skill.
A swimmer relies on speed and persistence.

The champion of the Triathlon owns them all.

Come watch the world's greatest drivers as they master every challenge:
From road course, to street circuit, to the fastest oval races ever run.
Come watch the 2010 Izod IndyCar Series.

"I'm a pretty good bike rider", says Spicy, "But I can't swim for crap".

Mrs. Sports hates bad language in the house. "Let's watch a little bit of it Casual, they're our guests" she says.

"Nobody said they were staying" says Casual, eyeing the bowl of chips. "But we'll check it out for a minute".

Victory. We convinced the whole Casual Sports family to see what a real champion is made of.

"What about that trophy deal?" says Junior. "Don't they have three champions now, like one just for 9 races and another for 8 races and another champion for all of them?"

Let's get the heck out of here. You grab the chips.

Back On Track soon: