WWE Draft Aftermath Part Two: The Supplemental Picks

Gabe MamboContributor IIIApril 29, 2010

After another day of draft picks galore, both Raw and Smackdown have transfigured rosters.

On Tuesday, the WWE conducted the 2010 supplemental draft, a draft that is slightly larger and makes picks that are meant to be smaller than the ones displayed on TV.

This year, though, some picks in this year's "second round" seem to be larger than others.

The supplemental draft brought about some interesting changes that could end up being big.

If the WWE creative staff ends up doing things right, some of these moves could mean a lot to the superstars involved.


MVP to Smackdown

Montel Vontavious Porter was supposed to start his eventual push to the main event when he moved to Raw. Unfortunately, it never came to fruition.

MVP's status wasn't insignificant, but it was obvious he was lost amongst the bigger names in the brand. He remained a United States championship contender, and even held the belt near the beginning of last year.

Unfortunately, nothing huge happened for the ballin' superstar. He had a few opportunities at the Unified Tag Team championships with Mark Henry, but never came through with his huge push.

With a return to Friday Night Smackdown, the opportunity to main event is wide open for him.

MVP can easily be on top of a brand that is likely being used to build new stars.

Being a veteran who can connect with the fans, MVP can win big.

I'd be surprised if he didn't at least win the Intercontinental championship during his time there. There wouldn't be much to be surprised about if he somehow gets the big gold belt around his waist.

Grade: A


The Hart Dynasty to Raw

I take this pick with slight skepticism. Don't get me wrong about this team though.

David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd have reached heights I never thought they'd reach. I figured it'd take about a year more before these two actually became tag team champions.

Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised, and I hope they become the backbone of a weak tag team division...if there still is a tag team division, of course.

I always felt Smackdown had more tag teams. ShoMiz made frequent appearances, R-Truth and John Morrison just formed, Cryme Tyme was a mainstay, and the Dude Busters had some potential.

But where are the teams now?

ShoMiz is apparently broken up, Cryme Tyme strangely split as well, and the Dude Busters...well, they're the Dude Busters for now.

R-Truth and John Morrison are on Raw, but where are the other tag teams?

Wouldn't Smackdown want to showcase something that can bring instant interest? It could take a while before top stars are actually established on the show, so why not keep a solid tag team in there?

I won't criticize the pick, except for the fact that Smackdown virtually has no tag team draw.

Grade: B-


Rosa Mendes to Smackdown

Rosa Mendes has made little impact.

I was certain she'd become a good lackey diva that would eventually turn on her mentor and becomes a women's title contender.

Instead, she's been a manager and a constant jobber.

My hopes are still high on her, but for now this pick is moot.

The divas division lost a member, though a pick made earlier addressed this issue brilliantly.

Still, Mendes' pick was unnecessary and uninteresting.

Grade: C+


Hornswoggle to Smackdown

Again, I'm unsure about what direction the WWE is going with this pick.

Hornswoggle was never a point of interest to the IWC fans, but is a favorite in the eyes of the larger audience.

His charm will do well on Smackdown, but he's not going to be the backbone of the blue brand. That will left to someone who wrestles in the ring.

I won't criticize this pick. I'll take it in stride and call it a pick.

Grade: C


Goldust to Raw

I could have sworn he was released from the WWE.

I liked Goldust in the past. He was a good part of the WWE midcard during his prime, and was a great comedy character in the early 2000s.

Today, though, he's been a veteran who won't receive any big push.

He'll likely be used to put wrestlers over. It's a safe bet to say that his younger brother Cody will have more success out the two moves between the siblings.

Grade: C+


Ezekiel Jackson to Raw

I've heard that he's injured, but I think this move is good for him.

He should be in the midcard area for quite some time. I don't think he'll leave the WWE anytime soon.

Jackson won the ECW championship on the show's final episode, hinting that the WWE is high on him.

On Raw, he could gain some much needed exposure, and maybe even main event.

I doubt he'll reach the pinnacle, but I've been wrong before. When Jackson returns from his injury, we'll just have to see.

Grade: B


Chris Masters to Smackdown

Here's to hoping he won't be a comedy character...if he wants to be pushed.

Chris Masters is a good face, especially in comedy. Unfortunately, I don't think he's going to go anywhere anytime soon if he remains to be depicted in that light.

As a heel, he was an arrogant man who worshipped his own figure.

Now, he's an afterthought in the WWE midcard.

If Masters changes his gimmick, or even his alignment, he could become an Intercontinental championship contender.

Until then, he'll likely have to sit on the sidelines and only come in to job to more over talent.

Grade: B


Natalya to Raw

Until the Hart Dynasty was chosen later on, it seemed that the WWE was focusing on Natalya's solo career.

If she were the only person from the Hart Dynasty to move to a new brand, it would have been 100% confirmed.

Even though it isn't true, things don't change. Melina is out, Eve is likely going to stay champion for a while, and Maryse is going to have to wait a while before being Divas champion again.

Natalya's arrival to the brand will help her. She can manage her clients in their matches, and can also fight for the butterfly belt.

I don't see a losing situation for Natalya. It's all win-win.


Cody Rhodes to Smackdown

Legacy is no more. Ted DiBiase Jr, Cody Rhodes, and Randy Orton officially split up at WrestleMania 26.

Thus, the WWE decided to build the solo careers of Rhodes and DiBiase. Cody will build himself on the smaller brand.

Cody Rhodes has great potential, and is at a good age to start getting better. He's in his mid-20s and is likely yet to reach his prime.

On Smackdown, Cody will likely compete for the IC title several times, and maybe even win the championship.

This move is good for Cody, and should help him in the long run.

Grade: A


Chavo Guerrero to Smackdown

Chavo has not been in a great situation lately.

He's been jobbing to Hornswoggle for what seems to be any eternity.

On Smackdown, the same thing could happen. The leprechaun is joining him there, and the WWE is never above comedy matches.

If the WWE were to take Guerrero seriously, though, it would work out fine.

He'd be able to help younger wrestlers get over with stellar matches. A few wins here and there would also help him too.

Guerrero's move is somewhat of a thing that depends on someone's opinion...and fear of Hornswoggle.

Grade: C+


The Great Khali to Raw

The Great Khali is sort of a waste on the WWE's part.

The giant was once a legitimate monster, challenging various wrestlers for their world title.

At one point, he was the World champion, winning a battle royale to become the new champion.

Now, he's comic relief.

His potential at becoming a monster heel is being squandered, in my opinion. If he's going to go to Raw, let's hope he becomes the legitimate threat he should truly look like.

Grade: C



The WWE supplemental draft is usually strong. Sometimes, the supplemental picks are bigger than the main show's picks.

This year, though, the potential in these picks is unseen.

It will be a waiting game for every wrestler and fan. The only thing that can tell us if a pick is worthy of their move is time.


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