Why Michael Redd Should Never Play for the Milwaukee Bucks Again

Tommy TorkelsonCorrespondent IApril 28, 2010

Whatever happened to Michael Redd?

Wasn't he supposedly an "elite scoring threat" for the Milwaukee Bucks at some point? Not that I remember.

Sure, he's had his share of 30+ pt games, but for every great shot he's hit, it seems he's jacked up a three instead of passing up the poor shot for a teammate with an open look.

Countless times, I can recall the Bucks making a defensive stand, and then kicking it down the court to Redd, only to have him shoot a three or deep two with 18 plus seconds left on the shot clock.

He kills possessions and takes shots as if the name on the back of his jersey were "Jordan."

Not quite, Michael.

And, just curious..what good does it do to bring the ball back to your shoulder blades before the release of the shot? It's one of the weird signature shots in the NBA. I just can't figure it out.

I'll be bold, and quit dancing around the true subject here: he's an on-court cancer.

There. I said it. Michael Redd, is no good for the Bucks, and he's been terribly overpaid for what he's done over his career. Sure, he's on the radar of Milwaukee's best scorers in franchise history (ranks fifth all-time) but he's no Kareem, Sidney Moncrief, or Glenn Robinson.

I'd hate to see Redd back in Milwaukee, and here's why:

  1. Redd's injury this season really opened up a successful offensive combination of Bogut, (pre-injury) Jennings, and trade acquisition John Salmons. I'd like to see this core keep together, and grow over the next few seasons. It's a potent core of players for the Bucks.
  2. He's not needed anymore. $17 million this year? Please, do they offer refunds at the NBA league offices on massive ripoff contracts? $17 million is way too pricey for an oft-injured 20-and-4 guy over his career.
  3. If Redd is in that familiar green and red No. 22 jersey, that means the Bucks offseason was limited because of the Redd contract. The team would be better served signing or trading for younger, more athletic talent which will provide greater results than Redd in his career as a Buck.

If you can honestly defend a case for a Redd staying in Milwaukee in the most stacked offseason in recent NBA history, please, post it in the comments. I haven't heard a valid one yet.

Bogut, Jennings, Salmons, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, and Ersan Ilyasova will be a fine enough playoff team over a full season together, and with a Redd return, it would only make things more complicated.

A Redd return would undoubtedly hurt Jennings great strides, developing as both a floor general and as a scoring threat, as the offense would begin to run through Redd predominantly again.

General Manager John Hammond didn't win the NBA Executive of the Year for nothing. He was named this for his season-saving steal-of-a-trade for Salmons from rival Chicago, and his draft pick of Jennings, when most thought he was a risk.

As a fan of the Bucks, please, Mr. Hammond, get rid of Michael Redd.