2010 NBA Draft: A Look at Two Guards for the Chicago Bulls

John HatelakContributor IApril 28, 2010

It's time to start looking to the future.

It's not as long of a wait for the draft like in the NFL. It's right after the season. So it's not too early to take a peek into another source to build a better team.

There are some interesting names out there even though the Chicago Bulls don't pick till 17th, overall.


Da'Sean Butler, West Virginia

He's a two guard/three forward hybrid who I love, but is coming off major reconstructive knee surgery. He's seemingly everything the Bulls need. He's smart, a great shooter, has good size, not afraid to take the clutch shot, he even has a post game! 

But he tore his ACL.

He may be worth the pick, maybe even as a trade down, to pick up another pick, because he's getting a second round grade. If he checks out medically, as far as having sound structure to his knee after surgery, I'd love this kid. Anyone who saw him play knows he'd fit like a glove with the Bulls.  


Manny Harris, Michigan

Great athlete, who has a good drive game, and can play in the open court. He's a strong rebounder too. He can also handle the ball well, but doesn't fill the shooting need the Bulls clearly lack. He may develop range with hard work, but will the Bulls be willing to wait for his game to develop?

Jordan Crawford, Xavier

He is another deadly threat who can take over a game. He has NBA three point range. The knock on him is that he is too selfish, but he is talented. He's kind of small too, but if he's the only one there that fits the profile need, the Bulls may take him, and be wise to do so.

James Anderson, Oklahoma State

Good size, range, post up game. I like him, too. Many have him as a top twenty two Guard. Fits the profile of what the Bulls need.

Xavier Henry, Kansas

What's not to like about this guy? A pure scorer that can finish at the hoop, create his own shot, has a great game in the open court, shoots at a great percentage mid-range out, can catch and shoot or create a shot off the dribble.

He has good size, and athleticism. Not refined, defensively, but that can be worked on. He has the size, and athleticism to play defense at the next level.

Andy Rautins, Syracuse

Dead eye shooter from long or mid-range. Great all around game too. He can pass, defend, catch and shoot, shoot off the dribble. Just not a dynamic athlete. He fills a need for the Bulls.

Lance Stephenson, Cincinnati

Coming out as a freshman, he's a bit of a developmental player, but wow what potential. Built for the NBA already. Explosive talent. Can the Bulls afford the year or two for this guy to come around? He could be mini Tyrus Thomas.

Willie Warren, Oklahoma

Another wow like athlete! Can shoot, drive, dribble, finish strong, nice build. Has to commit to defense.



I like this crop of prospects.

The most intriguing is Butler, but he may have to be a player to wait on for a year, because of his medical issue. As I've mentioned, if everything checks out structurally they may risk it, but will they be able to wait a year?

More than likely, the Bulls are a year or two away unless they get LeBron anyway, so they may consider it enough to pull the trigger.

Another good choice, if he falls to them, could be Xavier Henry.

A talented freshman who can contribute right away while developing a better all around game. Great size. He has perfect two guard traits for the next level. He brings a big tool box filled with many tools. A good thing as there's a lot of repair work to be done on this team.