2010 NFL Predictions: Post-Draft

Magnus JohnsonCorrespondent IApril 28, 2010

NEW YORK - APRIL 22:  Quarterback Sam Bradford from the Oklahoma Sooners holds up a St. Louis Rams jersey after the Rams selected Bradford numer 1 overall during the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall on April 22, 2010 in New York City.  (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)
Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

This year's draft was a big one with many surprises. Now, NFL fans can get a better grasp on where there team stands. Here is my take on how next year will play out. 

* = playoff team



*1. Minnesota Vikings: Key Addition - CB Chris Cook

2. Chicago Bears: DE Julius Peppers 

3. Detroit Lions: RB Jahvid Best

4. Green Bay Packers: RB James Starks


*1. New Orleans Saints: CB Patrick Robinson

*2. Carolina Panthers: QB Jimmy Clausen

3. Atlanta Falcons: LB Sean Witherspoon

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: DT Gerald McCoy


*1. Seattle Seahawks: RB Leon Washington

2. San Francisco 49ers: LB Ahmad Brooks

3. St. Louis Rams: QB Sam Bradford

4. Arizona Cardinals: LB Joey Porter


*1. Dallas Cowboys: WR Dez Bryant

*2. Washington Redskins: QB Donovan McNabb

3. New York Giants: S Deon Grant

4. Philadelphia Eagles: DE Brandon Graham




*1. Baltimore Ravens: DT Terrence Cody

2. Pittsburgh Steelers: WR Arnaz Battle

3. Cincinnati Bengals: WR Antonio Bryant

4. Cleveland Browns: QB Colt McCoy


*1.Indianapolis Colts: DE Jerry Hughes

*2. Tennessee Titans: RB LeGarrete Blount

*3. Houston Texans: CB Kareem Jackson

4. Jacksonville Jaguars: DE Tyson Alualu 


*1. San Diego Chargers: RB Ryan Mathews

2. Oakland Raiders: QB Jason Campbell

3. Denver Broncos: WR Demaryius Thomas

4. Kansas City Chiefs: RB Thomas Jones


*1. New York Jets: DE Jason Taylor

2. Miami Dolphins: LB Karlos Dansby

3. New England Patriots: CB Devin McCourty

4. Buffalo Bills: RB Dexter McCluster



Wild Card

NFC - 6. Washington Redskins over 3. Minnesota Vikings: Key - QB Donovan McNabb

NFC - 5. Carolina Panthers over 4. Seattle Seahawks: Key - WR Steve Smith

AFC - 3. Baltimore Ravens over 6. Houston Texans: Key - QB Joe Flacco

AFC - 5. Tennessee Titans over 4. San Diego Chargers: Key - WR Justin Gage


NFC - 6. Washington Redskins over 1. New Orleans Saints: Key - RB Clinton Portis

NFC - 5. Carolina Panthers over 2. Dallas Cowboys: Key - RB DeAngelo Williams

AFC - 5. Tennessee Titans over 1. New York Jets: Key - RB Chris Johnson

AFC - 2. Indianapolis Colts over 3. Baltimore Ravens: Key - DE Dwight Freeney


NFC - 5. Carolina Panthers over 6. Washington Redskins: Key - LB Jon Beason

AFC - 2. Indianapolis Colts over 5. Tennessee Titans: Key - QB Peyton Manning

Super Bowl XLV

5. Carolina Panthers over 2. Indianapolis Colts, 31 - 20

Super Bowl MVP : WR Steve Smith, No. 89