The Chiefs Can't Draft!

Jacob ClarkContributor IApril 23, 2010

The Kansas City Chiefs can't draft to save there lifes! Okay give or take, it hasn't been that bad, until you look at who they chose the players they drafted over!

Eric Berry!- Amazing pick no doubt it was probably the best pick, until you saw Taylor Mays go in the 2nd round, then we all are thinking crap we could of got Russel Okung and Taylor Mays! But not a big deal, we didn't know he would make it there.

Dexter McCluster- Really for what? We have a running back in Charles, and we don't need back-ups right now we need starters! So he he return and can be a slot reciever, but what about Golden Tate, he is better in both those. With Washington and Kindle still on the board, really? Best pass rushers out there at this point, and we needed that big time! Nah, the Chiefs go for a running back.

Javier Arenas- Ok not a bad pick, but we had bigger needs. Again Golden Tate, Brandon Spikes, again why aren't we drafting for positions we need? We don't even know if he will start yet, almost positive Tate or Spikes would start! and Arenas probably was a 3rd round pick

Jon Asamoah- Ehh, bigger needs i think. Jordan Shipley, Eric Decker, Donald Butler? why aren't we drafting these guys? but i guess we need Interior Line instead of play makers, but i guess line is where it starts

Tony Moeaki- Nice! The kid is a stud if he stay healthy. Instant starter i would say, but some think Cottam is great, but im not a fan. This is the Second good pick from the Chiefs but maybe i just like it because i'm from Iowa. I don't know?

Kendrick Lewis- Why?! We just got Berry! Berry and Page in the secondary, thats good. Did we need another Safety? No, but its depth yeah, but stupid pick when Cam Thomas is still on the board, and we need a NT bad!

Cammeron Sheffield- OLB that i think is an okay pick. The position is great but i think we should of address it a little earlier in the draft. With Cam Thomas still on the boardi don't know how you can't pick him. For a 3-4 defense to work  the D Line has to be good, mostly the NT to be able to take on the double team. Even with great Linebackers Chiefs can't stop the run very feel if the NT can't stuff the middle and take the double team!

So all in all Chiefs got two out of five picks that make good sense from when they drafted the player. That is nothing to brag about if your the Chiefs, when there were that calibor of players still on the board! I would say they need to study there picks a little more before they choose them!

So all and all i think the Chiefs get a C, possible a C+.