2010 NFL Draft: Welcome, Taylor Mays; Watch Out, Seahawks!

Glenn Franco Simmons@fotodifrancoAnalyst IApril 23, 2010

LOS ANGELES, CA - DECEMBER 05:  Safety Taylor Mays #2 of the USC Trojans is introduced during USC Senior Day festivities prior to the start of the NCAA college football game against Arizona Wildcats at the Los Angeles Coliseum on December 5, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Sports "experts," goads of sports writers and columnists, all kinds of talking heads on radio and TV who talk way too much, and even his former coach don't believe in Taylor Mays.

But I do.

Since I'm a no one, that doesn't really matter, but to Mays all of the above does.

This guy is gonna come in fuming, much as his USC buddy Rey Maualuga came into the league last year, after dropping in the draft.

Although I don't personally know Maualuga, a now-defunct daily newspaper in Eureka that I co-founded covered him while we were still printing.

He was graduated from the same high school I was graduated from.

And I know a lot of local people who know him.

Maualuga may have had a few troubles, but who doesn't? Especially in college. Especially when your father dies while you are in college.

The hits on Maualuga were bogus; plus, who wants a sedate linebacker?

Although there are other hits against Mays, I feel the same way. He's gonna come in with one big, and necessary, chip on his shoulder to disprove his critics, especially Pete Carroll who went with Texas safety Earl Thomas.

Talk about salt in an open wound. Ouch.

Hey, Pete, if you are listening: Thank you! I'm gonna love watching Mays blow up Seattle Seahawks' receivers for hopefully a long stretch as the 49ers drive the Seahawks into oblivion.

And with Ronnie Lott's connections to the 49ers, we can only hope that he might take the young Mays under his mentorship.

If that happens, watch out, because Mays will have not only have an edge, but he'll have some vital inspiration, on top of what Singletary will provide.

Oh, one little thing for all the Bay Area sports journalists pontificating as "experts": Lott thinks the 49ers' selection of Mays is "fantastic."

Lott has a bit more of a perspective on the position and what it takes to play it than talking heads on KNBR and other radio stations. Add to that TV stations and print columnists.

So naysay away, KNBR talking heads and all the other "experts"!

I put my faith in Lott and Mays.

One other thing for the KNBR duo on Friday night before the Giants game: How about focusing on the positive, like Singletary and Lott will be able to easily give Mays the guidance he needs to craft his game to the 49ers' needs, rather than focusing on "perceptions" of Mays from media types.

And, 49ers' fans, don't you think there is something sweet about picking Mays with the 49th pick? Kind of symbolic.

Make no mistake about it: Mays is a hard-hitting, teeth-shattering safety, like one we haven't had since Lott departed to that ugly team that plays at the landfill across the bay.

Welcome to San Francisco, Taylor Mays, and I'll wager a peanut that Mays will have a much more successful NFL career as a safety than Pete Carroll will have as a head coach.