Why The WWE's Biggest Mistake So Far Was Letting Mike Knox Go

JC AugustineCorrespondent IApril 23, 2010

As some of you have heard from news sites and articles on this site is that Mike Knox along with Mickie James, Katie Lee, Slam Master J, Jimmy Wang Yang, and Shelton Benjamin. For the problems and future of those stars please check out my article here 


For those of you interested in why releasing Mike Knox is the WWE's biggest mistake please continue.

Please take a moment and think about the big men the WWE has at the moment. The one's they have are Mark Henry, The Big Show, The Great Kahli, Shad, Kane, and the Undertaker(if I left out any big guys please let me know in the comments below).

Now think of men in the list above that have good in ring skill and can wrestle an enjoyable and entertain match.

There are three men left from that list who can do that. The Undertaker, Kane, and The Big Show. Now how many more of those men could continue to wrestle for another five to ten years. Anybody? No, I didn't think so.

The Undertaker is having trouble performing in just normal matches now due to his age and Kane north of 40 as well.

What Mike Knox was in the WWE was the future big man, he has the look, the skill, and was more deserving of a push as oppose to Shad.

Mike Knox in my mind is the best big man out in the wrestling industry besides the Big Show and Matt Morgan. He had a good in ring skill set and is incredibly light on his feet. How many men that are 6'6 and over 300 pounds can do a cross body and go to the top rope and do incredible power moves?

With the Undertaker set to retire soon(probably at Wrestlemania 27) and Kane retiring with in three to five years, there needs to be a next generation of big men to help carry the WWE. All we will have left besides the Big Show is The Great Kahli and Shad. Anyone else happy(sarcasm) about that?