2010 NFL Draft: Several GM's Show Their Inner-Al Davis In a Crazy Day One

Michael AkelsonCorrespondent IApril 23, 2010

Going into Thursday we all knew we were in store for a strange draft.

With two defensive tackles and a safety expected to go in the Top five we prepared for a weird draft, but what we got was all the more strange.

It's not often that Mel Kiper doesn't know what he's talking about, but Thursday's draft sure made it look that way.

It all started with the Raiders (what a surprise) who picked eighth.

With the eighth pick they selected Ronaldo McClain out of Alabama, who seemed like a lock to be joining the G-Men, who were in desperate need of a middle linebacker with the loss of Antonio Pierce.

To Al Davis' credit McClain is an immensely talented linebacker who becomes an early favorite for Defensive Rookie of the Year honors, but there were plenty of bigger needs for the Raiders that could have been fixed at selection No. Eight.

The Jaguars didn't wait long to make Al Davis look like Dan Rooney.

With pick No. 10 they selected Tyson Awhowho, I mean Alualu.

This pick was easily the most surprising of the first round.

With Derrick Morgan, Jason Pierre-Paul, and Sergio Kindle still on the board, it makes you wonder if the Jags were picking for talent or a cool last name.

Don't get me wrong, Alualu is a great talent and a hard worker, but at pick no. 10?

C'mon Man!

Just one pick later the 49ers traded up to do their best Jaguars impression when they selected Anthony Davis.

Davis is a great talent, but with his character problems he was moving down draft boards.

Apparently nobody told the 49ers.

Trading up for a player that would be there when you pick doesn't make sense, but than again, what does in the 2010 NFL Draft?

Not to mention Brian Bulaga was still on the board.

In an effort to extend the trade up and reach for a player streak to two, the Chargers traded up to 12 where they picked Ryan Matthews.

With the departure of Ladainian Tomlinson this is a great pick for San Diego, but the trade they made to get him doesn't make much sense.

No doubt they could use a running back but for a team so close to the Super Bowl, they had some glaring holes to fill, and by trading a Second Round pick they limit their ability to do that.

The Chargers could defiantly have waited a few picks and gotten a more favorable trade, but than again if they did it wouldn't be the 2010 NFL Draft, would it?

The Eagles would next trade up and select Brandon Graham, which wasn't a bad pick, but at that point they could have had Earl Thomas to replace Brian Dawkins.

At 15 the Giants who needed a pass-rusher so desperately selected Jason Pierre-Paul, whose pass-rushing ability's aren't on the level of Derrick Morgan, who was taken one pick later.

Five straight teams managed to make good picks after that (it was about time,) but at pick no. 20, the Houston Texans showed us that all good things must come to an end when they selected Kareem Jackson.

Did they forget Kyle Wilson was still on the board?

Wilson is clearly the more talented corner, but than again, who picks the better player anymore?

Wilson is not only a great corner, but a great kick returner. Bottom line is that Wilson is a ball hawk which is extremely valuable in the NFL.

Later in the draft we saw two top rated players finally come off the board when the Packers selected Bryan "How the hell did he fall to 23?" Bulaga, followed by the Cowboys bringing in Dez "How did I fall this far?" Bryant.

However, the Broncos decided to bring back this years draft theme: Making picks that don't make sense.

When the Broncos traded up to 25 the entire American population collectively said, "Goodbye Jimmy Clausen."

Well that was until the Broncos decided that, despite the fact Jimmy Clausen and Colt McCoy were still on the board, they had to trade up to get Tim Tebow.

Good trade Denver, I'm sure most teams had Tebow ahead of Clausen on their draft boards anyway.

After Denver was done, the state of Arizona threw a party as they watched Dan Williams somehow fall right into their laps at 26.

Later the Patriots decided to do their best Texans impression as they forwent Kyle Wilson for the inferior Devin McCourty.

Five picks later the craziness ended (well at least for one night,) and we are all left wondering; What the hell just happened?

What made the first round so surprising was not the picks that happened, but rather the picks that didn't.

Derrick Morgan slipping to 16, Bryan Bulaga and Dez Bryant taking free-falls to 23 and 24 respectively, Kyle Wilson dropping to 30, and most of all Jimmy Clausen and Sergio Kindle feeling no love.

We'll have to see what gets straightened out on Day Two, but one thing is for sure, that was one of the weirdest First Rounds in NFL Draft history.



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