NFL Draft 2010: America's Unanswered Question of Where Will Tim Tebow Land?

Ryan CookContributor IMarch 26, 2017

Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Less than 24 hours away from draft day, the speculation still continues.  Mel Kiper and Todd McShay have weighed in, Jon Gruden has depicted and analyzed each top prospect, and the NFL world eagerly awaits the arrival of the star draft picks that are set to rock the scene.

At times during the offseason it has felt like we've been caught in a continuous loop of speculation, judgemental attitudes, and above all else questioning toward quarterbacks such as Jimmy Clausen, Colt McCoy, and Sam Bradford as to whether or not they truly will fit into the NFL, and as to just where they will be drafted.

For the most part these questions have been answered.  Most people firmly believe that Sam Bradford is heading toward St. Louis, and that Jimmy Clausen may indeed wind up being selected by Al Davis of the Oakland Raiders.

However, funnily enough one of the most popular and recognized athletes of the past decade is left in a seemingly half full pool of doubt and questioning as the NFL ponders just where Tim Tebow will have landed by this time tomorrow.

It's tough to say where Tim Tebow will wind up, but it is safe to say that America is damn sure tired of waiting around.  To put it in a much more simpler form, it's almost like waiting for a highly anticipated movie to come out—you know it's good, but you want to see what all the fuss is about.

So, where will Tim Tebow land? 

It seems only fitting that the New England Patriots draft Tim Tebow, as the need for a backup is certainly present, and Tim Tebow isn't expected to go very high in the first round at this point in time.

The Patriots also would suit Tim Tebow's ability.  We all know that Tim Tebow isn't the most accurate passer in the nation, but surely a guy like Tom Brady would be more than willing to "take Tim under his wing" so to speak, and guide Tebow in the right direction.

More importantly though, Tim Tebow can also provide that spark on offense that the Patriots have lacked in recent times.  Gone are the days of the dominating 2008 Patriots of old that could post win after win of exciting and consistent football, and we arrive at the 2010 New England Patriots who have a roster full of concerns in terms of age and overall talent.

It isn't likely that we would see Tim play many downs in New England aside from preseason, but it is likely that we could see him make the odd appearance on third down to test his throwing ability and accuracy.

When considering a guy like Tim Tebow, it is important to realize just what Tim brings to the game of football.  Aside from what Tim does on the field, he has a knack for winning over crowds and you only have to look at Florida's staggering fan base to know that.

In Tim's time with the Gators, he managed to become a fan favorite, even amongst non-Gator supporters.  His god loving ways appealed to the everyday American and his love and devotion to the game of football made every old time football fan realize that the spirit of the game is still alive and well.

The constant modern day question in football is "Who is America's Team?" Some say Dallas, some say New Orleans, while others say the New England Patriots or Green Bay Packers.

But what about who is America's quarterback? 

A case can be made for Joe Montana, but with a fan base and reputation like Tim Tebow has, we may be looking at yet another American star who like Michael Jordan, has risen from doubt and triumphed in success.

This time tomorrow we'll know for sure what Tim Tebow's future will be, and New England or not he is still a quarterback that is set for a promising future.