Forget the Drama: Brett Favre Will Return This Season

Mark BurlinContributor IApril 21, 2010

As the 2010 season begins to inch closer and closer, it is no surprise that we once again will be caught up in the "Brett Favre-capades".  With his offseason antics coming as no shocking news to anyone, I feel like I can speak for everyone when I say...

...Get over yourself.

Yes. We know you're Brett Favre and you've contributed heavily to what the NFL is today.  We understand that kids have looked up to you as a hero (myself included) with your Super Bowl win and your record setting seasons.

But enough with the "look at me" Diva act already.

We can put to rest all the hearsay and hoopla now, because Brett will be returning for the 2010 season.

How do I know this?  Simply because he has absolutely no reason not to.

Green Bay Revenge

Do you really think that Brett Favre would pass up another chance to prove that his former team was wrong in sending him away?  After last season's sweep of the Green Bay Packers, the Vikings are in prime form to accomplish this again.

No matter what Brett says to the media or tries to convince himself of, there will always be bitter feelings for the Packers and GM Ted Thompson.

I mean he did go to the downtrodden New York Jets, just to get to the NFC north with the Vikings.

Brett's cure for the Packers disrespectful forced exit is showing them he can still humiliate them at 40 years old.

Brett the Competitor

Whether you like Favre or not, no one can argue against the fact that he is one of the greatest competitors to have ever played in the NFL.  Every year there is speculation as to whether his body can hold up, whether he can make the big throws still and every year Favre has answered his critics with a very indisputable, Yes.

Unless he went back to Mississippi, sat on the couch eating chocolate mud-pies all day, I'd say it won't be much different this season.

Starting a record 309 consecutive games (including playoffs) as quarterback, no one can take anything away from his toughness and pure will to play the game of football.  Even in 2003, a day after his father passed away from a stroke, Favre stepped back out on to the field suited up and ready for battle.

In that game he threw for four touchdowns in the first half and a shocking 399 total yards in a winning effort against the Raiders.

Favre the Record Breaker

Anybody can tell you how much they don't care about records and awards, but the fact is it has to cross his mind.  Holding seemingly every record for an NFL quarterback already, why not comeback and finish what he started?

The most significant records that Favre has a chance to break this coming season would be for career passer rating and career completion percentage.

Favre currently holds the career passing attempts record (9,811), career completions record (6,083), career TD passes (497), career passing yards (69,329), and career wins by a starting QB (181).

What's a few more, right Brett?

"V" for the Vikings' Vendetta

After an early exit from the playoffs last season the Vikings are in great shape to make another run for the Super Bowl.  Losing to the soon-to-be Super Bowl champion Saints in the NFC Championship game in a heartbreaking fashion, there is no reason to think they could do it again with different results.

With the most notable loss of running back Chester Taylor, the Vikings are poised to make a title run.  The up and coming Percy Harvin, hopefully having trained hard in the off season will again put up great numbers for the Vikes.  

Adrian Peterson will also be returning with his great tenacity and jaw dropping athleticism, but let's hope he is a little more disciplined when it comes to holding on to the football.  Jared Allen and the rest of the defense will be solid with a few good draft picks to tighten up some holes in the defensive line and linebacker positions.

It isn't like Favre would be coming back to a team that is beaten and bruised or doesn't have a shot in hell.  The Vikings will most certainly be contenders with his return.

Brett Favre is already looked at as the icon that he truly is.  I believe his return is imminent for the simple fact that he is coming back to a Super Bowl contender and that he truly has nothing to lose.

But please Brett, save us the drama this time.