2010 NFL Schedule: Tennessee Titans Could Start Out Rough Again

Stephen KasperCorrespondent IApril 20, 2010

As I look at the schedule for the Tennessee Titans, I say to myself “This is gonna be tough.”


Tennessee will play all their usual AFC South games as well as the both the AFC West and NFC East teams. Then, just for fun, Pittsburgh and Miami were thrown in the mix.


Sure, opening at home against Oakland is nice. But the point is, besides Oakland, Kansas City, and maybe even New York (Giants), but every single other team they play has the potential to reach the playoffs or even the Super Bowl.


For the first five weeks Tennessee won’t even see a divisional game. They host Jacksonville in week six and won’t play another divisional game until week 12 when they play at Houston.


Tennessee will play a divisional team each week from week 12-17 except for week 16 when they go to Kansas City.


So, what does this mean?


Well, it could potentially be a good thing.


Or it could be a bad thing.


Tennessee will be able to play non-divisional teams for a while before really needing to turn the heat up.


Obviously they will want to win every single game, but they can afford to lose a non-divisional game more than they could against an AFC South team. If there are any glitches in the Titans playing scheme, Tennessee will have five weeks to figure them out before seeing a divisional team.


So, that’s the upside.


The downside is, come mid-season they better be ready.


It’s a safe assumption that one of Tennessee’s primary goals this season is to win the division. Tennessee will play five of their divisional games in the final six weeks of the season. This could potentially make it difficult for the Titans if they aren’t on their A-game.


Tennessee will be going into the 2010 season hoping to continue the hot finish they had to last season. With Vince Young at quarterback and some more fine-tuning to the defense, most fans are optimistic about continuing that hot streak into the 2010 season.


Tennessee’s schedule is ranked the second hardest in the NFL behind their division rival, the Houston Texans.


No matter how the season goes, one thing is for certain: The Tennessee Titans will have their work cut out for them in the 2010 season.