Guess Who Might Be Coming To Dinner?: Terrell Owens To the Redskins?

Manny GeraldoCorrespondent IApril 20, 2010

ATLANTA - DECEMBER 27:  Terrell Owens #81 of the Buffalo Bills rushes a reverse against the Atlanta Falcons at Georgia Dome on December 27, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

T.O. to D.C.? W.T.F.N (Why The Fandango Not)!

Today, reported that newly acquired quarterback Donovan McNabb has encouraged the Redskins coaching staff to consider signing cantankerous free agent wide receiver Terrell Owens

Considering the controversy and media storms that T.O. has induced for pretty much the duration of his decade-and-a-half Hall of Fame worthy career, this is sure to elicit both praise and/or disgust for and by burgundy and gold fans.

I'll go on the record as being the first burgundy and gold fan on the beloved to publicly declare that I'm all for T.O. coming to Washington.

Why The Fandango Not?

Santana Moss, Devin Thomas, and the enigma known as Malcolm Kelly are a nice trio. But they're not a great trio. We have a great quarterback. Let's give McNabb all the tools for a 4,000 yard season. And he has the ability.

Yesterday's acquisitions of Marcus Hagans (huh? who?) and Roydell Williams (M.I.A. since 2007) did nothing to bolster our receiving troop. T.O. would.

The much publicized love/hate affair that McNabb and Owens endured in Philadelphia ranks as only second to the even more publicized Shaq and Kobe saga that LA fans still love to hate. Get over it Angelenos.

For McNabb to endorse Owens is a testament to the talent he brings and McNabb's desire to win games this season. McNabb hasn't forgotten that the 2004 season, despite the Hallmark MOW (movie of the week) drama, was one of his best and his only visit to the Super Bowl.

Does T.O. come with Larry King divorce-like baggage? Yes.

Is it worth it? Maybe.

The Redskins, with only four selections in the upcoming NFL draft, are short on resources in finding another receiver. Not that drafting a wide receiver would be much of a help unless they used their first round selection on one. A move that would be flat out idiotic with the huge, gaping hole at left tackle glaring McNabb smack in the face.

Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly are young. Moss is not. Pairing Moss with Owens, coupled with Thomas and Kelly, would give the Redskins a well rounded wide receiver foursome that represented the now and the future of the Redskins receivers.

That four set could play with any four set in the NFL, including the lauded Saints. It would be a laxative for defensive coordinators making them scramble to align their secondaries to cover so much speed, height, and talent.

Savor this scenario 'Skins fans.

When Owens was released by the Eagles in 2005, Shanahan, then with the Broncos, was one of the coaches willing to sign the temperamental receiver. Shanahan runs a tight ship and will not budge on his team-first ethos. So if he's up for signing T.O., why not? With a structured contract that offered little guaranteed money, what do the Redskins have to lose?

Nothing. So why the fandango not.



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