Philadelphia Eagles Spotlight Player: LB Ernie Sims

Dan PennwynCorrespondent IApril 20, 2010

DETROIT - DECEMBER 20:  Ernie Sims #50 of the Detroit Lions takes the field during player introductions prior to playing the Arizona Cardinals on December 20, 2009 at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Two down—one to go! The Philadelphia Eagles are one linebacker away from having an extraordinary trio of playmakers on defense, the best this franchise has seen in a very long time.

It was only a few seasons ago Eagle fans believed they were in business at LB when they had the "ax-man" Jeremiah Trotter and then went out to sign Takeo Spikes in the offseason.

It was a short lived dream however as Trotter was cut from the Eagles roster and then signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers only to be brought back last season when Stewart Bradley was injured.

Spikes as we all know has too been cut and signed with the S.F. 49ers.

Back to current time.

The addition of Sims, pending he becomes the starting weakside LB, immediately makes the Eagles defense a much better one in 2010. To the experts eyes in the NFL, Sims is known as a very fierce hard hitting tackler who punishes the ball carrier.

Ask the fans of the Detroit Lions and you might just get some mixed answers. Since learning of the trade I have watched as much video as I could on him and this is my analysis.

Sims is an extremely hard hitter, one who will hit the ball carrier so hard it might just knock himself out in the process—literally! He has good sideline to sideline speed and is aware of where the offense is at all times.

He does need work on his coverage skills and I'm sure that will be a focal point of his and the Eagles in training camp. Lets be honest here too, he is now apart of a much better team in the Eagles with some of the best coaches in the league—I'm sure his coverage skills will improve!

Ernie Sims and the Philadelphia Eagles are a match made in heaven, if there could be such a thing in the NFL. While under Andy Reid's control, the Eagles LB core typically consisted of undersized players who are much faster than a big bodied LB. He also looks for tenacity in his group.

Sims fits the bill. He comes to Philly and fills a much needed position and the Eagles still stay young on defense—Sims is only 25!

In 2006 he was the ninth overall selection in the NFL Draft, he has been the leader on defense for the Lions in 2007-08 while also being their best tackler on defense over the last three seasons.

So how exactly did the Eagles get him for so cheap?

A 2010 fifth round draft pick for a former first round pick and nothing more?

There's a very short and simple answer to that—he was in the last year of his contract meaning the Lions really couldn't expect much better than that, and he no longer fit the Lions style of defense.

That's it my friends, and the Eagles without question came out on top of the deal when everything was said and done!

As for the remaining LB's on the team: Omar Gaither, Akeem Jordan, Joe Mays, Moise Fokou, newly acquired Alex Hall, and whoever the Eagles draft in two days. These gentlemen will compete for the starting strongside LB position and the rest become backups on the depth chart.

Go ahead Eagles fans get excited about this deal, its a win-win for the Eagles.

They potentially get a fiery LB and fills a void on defense and if he doesn't pan out for some reason—the Eagles only gave up a fifth round pick!