All-Star Game: Wish List Revisited

JerseySenior Analyst IJuly 16, 2008

Before the All Star Game, I wrote a list of eight things I'd like to see at the game. Let's see how many of my wishes came true.

1. A Bobby Murcer tribute. I think this is a given. He passed away just three days before the ASG, and considering it's being played at the place he called home for so long, it'd be blasphemous if they don't give him some sort of tribute.

In the eleventh, Buck and McCarver touched on it. I didn't see any sort of tribute on behalf of the Yankees, so I was extremely disappointed. And the fact that it took extra innings to get even a conversation among the broadcasters is awful.

(UPDATE: I later found out that they did mention Murcer during the second inning. Don't know why Buck and McCarver took so long to mention it, though.)

What if the game had ended in regulation? Come on, he was a long-time Yankee, and the game is at the Stadium. Not even a mention? For all I know, there was something on the big screen before the game, but I had hoped for a brief mention during the pre-game ceremonies.

2. A shower of boos for every Red Sox player, especially Jason Varitek. I'm positive the hometown crowd will not give these guys a warm welcome, but Jason Varitek deserves the most resounding jeers of all. He does not deserve to be anywhere near the ASG, and I hope he'd be booed no matter where the game was played.

First of all, I'd like to mention that I was lambasted on Bleacher Report for suggesting this. But I stand by it. It's baseball, a game for fans. Players in their rivals' stadium should be booed.

That said, when the players were initially announced, the jeers were pretty weak. But Papelbon got blasted when he came in, and got it even worse when he allowed the go-ahead run. This was well-deserved, as he had slighted Mariano Rivera before the game. And Varitek got it good, too. I guess I got this one, but I'm really not surprised.

3. A home plate collision featuring AL catcher Dioner Navarro. I'd love to see Team Sunshine skipper Joe Maddon whine and moan about this latest "attempted murder." If only Akinori Iwamura was playing second so Maddon could complain that the NLers are morally corrupt psychopaths picking on the little guy.

Sort of. In the eleventh, Navarro was involved in a mini-collision... except he was the one running. This came after a B.S. caught stealing call that, if called correctly, would have won the game for the AL. And then Navarro, the winning run, got gunned down at the plate. Not the collision I had hoped for. (And for the record, I never said I wanted Navarro hurt. I just wanted to see Maddon's reaction to a hard slide.)

4. A dumbass move by Manny Ramirez, resulting in dangerous objects flying forth from the bleachers. In other words, Manny being pummeled.

Well, I didn't honestly expect the bleacher creatures to attack Manny. But I would have loved to see their reaction after a typical Manny move. Too bad he didn't do one.

5. Ryan Braun and Josh Hamilton leading the way in the home run derby. My two favorite non-Yankees (and members of my first-place fantasy squad) should get their times to shine at Yankee Stadium. I don't want them to steal the show during the actual game however, because of wish No. 6:

Actually, I kind of got this one. Hamilton didn't win, but he sure was the highlight of the derby with 28 homers in round one. And Braun didn't do too badly himself, winding up in third.

6. Derek Jeter winning the ASG MVP for the second time. I'd be happy with any Yankee winning the award, but it'd be extra excellent if the Captain were to win it.

Well, the Captain did get the first hit and stolen base of the game, but he didn't win MVP. Mo could have won had he been the winning pitcher (and it was quite conceivable until the NL got out of a jam). But alas, what can you do?

7. Jason Giambi. I still haven't heard of a replacement for David Ortiz on the team, and Giambi fits the bill perfectly. He plays the same position (first base/DH), he's having a very good year, and oh yeah, he's a Yankee.

Nope. Francona stuck with an injured Ortiz. Considering how long the game lasted, another bat could have been useful...

8. Last but not least, a win for the American League. Yanks are going to need that home-field advantage en route to No. 27.

Well, it took 15 excruciating innings, but... World Series, here we come!