All-Star Game Wish List

JerseySenior Analyst IJuly 13, 2008

The All-Star Game is just two days away, and I'm thrilled that it's being played in Yankee Stadium. An ASG at the Stadium is something I've always wanted to see, and here are some other things I'd like to see at this Yankee Stadium All-Star Game:


1. A Bobby Murcer tribute. I think this is a given. He passed away just three days before the ASG, and considering it's being played at the place he called home for so long, it'd be blasphemous if they don't give him some sort of tribute.

2. A shower of boos for every Red Sox player, especially Jason Varitek. I'm positive the hometown crowd will not give these guys a warm welcome, but Jason Varitek deserves the most resounding jeers of all. He does not deserve to be anywhere near the ASG, and I hope he'd be booed no matter where the game was played.

3. A home plate collision featuring AL catcher Dioner Navarro. I'd love to see Team Sunshine skipper Joe Maddon whine and moan about this latest "attempted murder." If only Akinori Iwamura was playing second so Maddon could complain that the NLers are morally corrupt psychopaths picking on the little guy.

4. A dumbass move by Manny Ramirez, resulting in dangerous objects flying forth from the bleachers. In other words; Manny being pummeled.

5. Ryan Braun and Josh Hamilton leading the way in the home-run derby. My two favorite non-Yankees (and members of my first-place fantasy squad) should get their times to shine at Yankee Stadium. I don't want them to steal the show during the actual game however, because of wish No. 6.

6. Derek Jeter winning the ASG MVP for the second time. I'd be happy with any Yankee winning the award, but it'd be extra excellent if the Captain were to win it.

7. Jason Giambi. I still haven't heard of a replacement for David Ortiz on the team, and Giambi fits the bill perfectly. He plays the same position (first base/DH), he's having a very good year, and oh yeah, he's a Yankee.

8. Last but not least, a win for the American League. Yanks are gonna need that home-field advantage en route to No. 27.