Anderson Silva at Heavyweight

Jesse EricksonContributor IApril 18, 2010

PHILADELPHIA - AUGUST 08:  Anderson Silva celebrates after defeating Forrest Griffin during their light heavyweight bout at UFC 101: Declaration at the Wachovia Center on August 8, 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)
Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Anderson Silva is having no problem at Middleweight destroying the competition. Or, if he doesn't feel like destroying the competition, he is having no problem winning on points. When moved up to Light Heavyweight against top 5 competitor Forrest Griffin, Anderson Silva made Forrest Griffin look like a hack, knocking him out in the first round after lots of goofing off in the octagon. Now, with Dana White fuming over Anderson Siilva's antics in the octagon with Demian Maia, the question is, where can Anderson Silva go to find competition? Or at the very least, who would Anderson Silva have a compelling match with? Someone he couldn't get away with clowning around with?

According to Dana White, there will be no super fight between Silva and GSP. And according to Silva, he will never fight his friend, Lyoto Machida, at Light Heavyweight.So where should he go and who should he fight?

A fight against Chael Sonnen is likely but certainly not compelling. There's been some talk of bringing Anderson Silva up to heavyweight. Clearly Silva would be at higher risk for damage if he were to clown around against larger competitors. But if he made that move, who would he fight at Heavyweight that could make for a great match, and could he really compete at heavyweight or would the size difference be too great?


Here are some compelling matches for Anderson Silva at heavyweight:

Anderson Silva vs. Frank Mir: Part of me thinks this could end up looking like Anderson Silva's fight against Forrest Griffin. Frank Mir has lots of size these days, but is not particularly fast at striking. His power is great enough that if he landed punches against the much smaller Anderson Silva, those punches could be devastating. But could Mir touch Silva, or would he be too slow?


Anderson Silva vs. Cain Velasquez: Since Cain is a smaller heavyweight, his size advantage over Anderson Silva would be less significant. Cain's speed is also far greater than many heavyweights, therefore the odds of being too slow are lesser. But there's no doubt Cain's striking game is inferior to Silva. Could Cain get a hold of Anderson Silva, and if he did, would his superior strength and wrestling skills be enough to dominate, or would Anderson Silva choke out Velasquez like he did to Dan Henderson?

Anderson Silva vs. Brock Lesnar: This is a fight very unlikely to happen. I think the size advantage here would simply be too great. Brock Lesnar is not only huge, but very fast for his size, so Anderson Silva may or may not be able to keep his distance from Lesnar. If Brock were to get a hold of Silva, the results could be devastating. But, Silva's striking is vastly superior, and he is still a black belt at bjj. He'd be an underdog but a win still may  be possible.

Anderson Silva vs. Mirko "Cro-Cop": A fight against Mirko Cro-Cop would make for an entertaining one. Both Mirko and Silva enjoy striking. With the size advantage Cro-Cop has, his power advantage could be significant. But Mirko has slowed down significantly over the years and may be coming up on the end of his career. I suspect this would be a good fight, and out of respect Anderson Silva would be less likely to clown. But it could be too easy of a fight for Anderson Silva if Mirko didn't come to win.

If Anderson Silva fought at Heavyweight, who would you like to see him fight? It is not a question simply of who he would beat and who he would not beat. It is a question of which fight would be the most compelling, and exciting to watch.