StrikeForce Nashville Brawl: Mayhem Miller & Jake Shields

Lion's Den U's TheCoachCorrespondent IApril 18, 2010

How Did the Mayhem Miller Brawl Start?

Mayhem Miller came into the ring while Jake Shields was having his post-fight interview and congratulating Henderson.

Miller says, “What’s up, where’s my rematch, buddy?”

It ensues.

CBS announcer Gus Johnson, best known for high-energy play-by-pay during college basketball games, tried to break up the post-fight brawl, shouting “Gentleman, please! We are on national television!”

The director quickly cuts away from the scene. Just as quickly, the director cuts back to the cage where chaos reigns. Miller seems to have mixed it up with Nick Diaz and other members of Shields’ crew.

Dana White Reacts on Twitter

Dana White had a brief response to the Mayhem Miller-Nick Diaz Strikeforce brawl.

After the scrap, White simply tweeted a happy face:

Mayhem Miller had an equally brief Twitter Response:


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