Smackdown: The Future Is In Our Hands? Part 1

LewisAnalyst IIIApril 16, 2010

Hey guys, you have most likely seen this type of article loads of times, but this one I want you guys to finish reading this article feeling glad that you clicked here and didn't waste your Time.  This is the first of a two part article! so make sure to read other one!

I will talk about several WWE Smackdown Superstars whom I feel needed to be showcased as the future of Smackdown furthermore WWE. Some of these wrestlers have been featured on Bleacher Report several times whilst others rarely ever reported on the internet nevermind Bleacher Report. So I hope you can read this article feeling there is hope for the main event scene to be revitalized; so on to the future.

  I wanted to start with a great superstar and this wrestler has been in the WWE longer than anyone on in this article. He is John Morrsion, John Stumbled into the WWE during 2004 as the assistant of Eric Bishoff but was named at the time as Johnny Blaze, then further changed it to Johnny Spade three weeks after that he changed it once again to Johhny Nitro. The name stuck and and was a tribute to WCW Monday Nitro. He then was sent back to the development stage of WWE, OVW.(Before FCW)

Nitro then re-entered the WWE with team members Joey Mercury and Melina, then known as MNM. They appeared on Smackdown to interupt the first ever Carlito's Cabana segment to exchange words with Rey Mysterio, then known as half of the Tag Team Champions with Eddie Guerrero. The following week they won their debut to win the Tag Team titles from then.

Now fast forward to 2006 after 2 years within the tag team picture, Nitro (now Morrison) was drafted to the flagship show of the WWE. Almost instantly, he was included in the Intercontinental Championship path. He whilst on RAW he wrestling the likes of John Cena, Shelton Benjamin and Carlito before winning the prestigous title. During the the reign he defeated Jeff Hardy although lost it.

He was then involved in a storyline with John Cena and Kevin Federline plus re-teamed with Mercury before being Mercury was released and shortly after Johnny Nitro was drafted to ECW. Johnny Nitro then go into a fued with CM Punk and also later repackaged himself into todays John Morrsion. He Eventually won the ECW title. He then fueded a while longer until he paired with rival The Miz. They won Tag Team Championships on multiple occasions and at Wrestlemania 25 even featured in a losing effort in the first ever Unified Tag Team Championship match. In the month of April, Miz and Morrsion won split up due to the annual WWE Draft. Miz was drafted to RAW and attacked Morrison.

Morrison stayed on Smackdown to recieve a push at the Intercontinental belt then held by Rey Mysterio. Morrsion won the match up and and even got his first World Championship shot against Jeff Hardly although he lost the match up. John then entered a fued with Drew McIntyre (whom will feature in the article). Drew won the title from John at TLC PPV. Morrsion was pushed into the title match in The Elimination Chamber although failed to win even with alot of speculation.

He has matches with many main eventer players: Jeff Hardy, Chris Jericho, The Undertaker, CM Punk, Rey Mysterio and the giant that is Big Show. Now Morrison will get his time to shine but his mic skills as a face is doing him no justice.

  Onto my next Superstar, I mentioned him earlier: The Scotsman that is Drew McIntyre. He has been wrestling since the age of 15 but I won't go that far back. He re-debuted in the WWE via Smackdown under his current gimmick; which is ummm Scotsman. On the internet he is not really known for his mic skills as some say its amatuer and can't draw enough heat but I beg to differ, this past Smackdown Drew Walked up and down in the ring and finally said:

"I'm not going to waste my breath of you people."

What else would have given him more heat from the fans? As he is our current Intercontinental Champion and Vince Mcmahon's own protege. What else can we expect. If he can work on getting more heel heet, he could be the next Triple H. Let's face it. He got Triple H's Look, similar moveset (kinda) and most importantly has the love of a McMahon, (No offence to HHH). He particapted in this years Money In The Bank match but unfortunately lost desptie being a favourite to win behind christian. Now who else will be victim of the future shock DDT.

Dolph Ziggler. He joined the WWE with Spirit Squad but left for further development. Although returned Blonder and better than ever. LOL. In his first match back against Batsita (thats right main eventer Batista) but lost. Ziggler was drafted to Smackdown to further enhance his career by fueding with the Great Khali and John morrison. Although multiple matches with the Intercontinental Champion John Morrison at the time.

As of late WWE has tried to re-claim Dolph Ziggler's push by introducing a new finisher the Sleeper hold.To date he has won on numorous occasions beating the likes of Kane and Great Khali via submissions.

Mr Ziggles (dubbed by Morrison) entered the WWE with a high, debuting against main eventer Batista. Although he lost showed that WWE had confindence with him, now if they did then, he must have the potiential to become a serious main eventer.

  The last person in this first article out of a two is the last ever graduate of the famed Hart Family Dungeon . Tyson Kidd, this maybe controversial but I feel he has the poteintal of being much more than a midcarder but could be a future World Champion, he reminds me of Rey mysterio. He busted on the ECW Scene in elary 2009 although he has no title holds in WWE; In FCW he held the Tag titles along with the FCW Heavyweight Championship. I feel he a has better future in wrestling than his counter part DH Smith. Although I do like Smith, I lately heard that WWE are now imploying guys with a future in FCW not Big guys with little skill. If this rumor is correct we could be seeing multiple smaller guys with a push (not Hornswoggle).

He is 5ft9 around the same as Chris Jericho but i won't get into the story of his height. Jericho has had a tremendous career (My Fav wrestler) despite not being as tall as others. Tyson Kidd has some simlarites to Y2J. They are both from Canada, both trained in the Hart dungeon, around the same hieght. Tyson hasn't got the same mic skill level as Jericho but who has right? The Miz can come some what close but I feel with enough encourgement and hard work, we could see a major push.

At the end of the first part of a two article story. I think it went well although some performers have been noted for their craftwork (John Morrison) others haven't been involved much within the IWC (Tyson Kidd). In my second article i will write about a further four to five superstars who some will be asscioated with the IWC others kept out of the limelight. I hope you won't forget to read my second article related to this and I hope you can save a minute of your time to share a comment.

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