2010 Fantasy Baseball: Week One Major Slump Report

Jay BrennanCorrespondent IApril 15, 2010

TAMPA, FL - FEBRUARY 25:  (EDITOR'S NOTE: IMAGE HAS BEEN DIGITALLY DESATURATED) Mark Teixeira #25 of the New York Yankees poses for a photo during Spring Training Media Photo Day at George M. Steinbrenner Field on February 25, 2010 in Tampa, Florida.  (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
Nick Laham/Getty Images

These players came into the 2010 Major League Baseball season with high expectations—but disappointment is the only word to describe the would-be All-Stars’ production this week.

Some of these millionaire sluggers caused your team to fall in overall production, leaving you the joke around the water cooler. After a week of dramatic swings, these guys usually missed.


1) 1B Mark Teixeira (NYY)

He was 0-for-16 for the first four games of the season. He finally broke the hitless start with a few hits but still has a  .111 AVG. as of April 14, 2010. His cold starts are giving Yankees fans freezer burn.

Who could really suggest sitting Teixeira? We all know he usually has a lousy April. It’s hard not to let him swing because he might have a nice night, and you will kick yourself for not having him in your lineup.


2) OF Melky Cabrera (Atl)

I believe that Braves fans were expecting a little more from the former New York Yankees outfielder. Atlanta expects to win the pennant this year. Cabrera is batting .103 with only three hits this season. Matt Diaz could take his spot and leave Melky sulking on the bench.

It’s only the first week of baseball, but if he continues with this production, you have no choice but to drop him and pick someone up who won’t take up space.


3) DH David Ortiz (Bos)

I fear that David Ortiz may be losing his job as Beantown’s DH very soon. Ortiz is hitting .136 with only three hits this season. Big Papi has struck out in eight out of his last nine at-bats.

In 2009 the Fenway Faithful were patient and forgiving of David’s less than stellar start. In 2010, it may be a different story. Ortiz already blasted back at Boston media who questioned his production. Mike Lowell might step up and take some of Ortiz’s at-bats until he finds his swing.

Put him on the bench until he starts showing numbers. His name still has zing; you might be able to work a trade with someone willing to take the risk.


4) OF Johnny Damon (Det)

Detroit’s newest addition has been a subtraction to their lineup. He is hitting .154 with four hits. All the offseason chatter about the Yankees not picking him up has been silenced. Johnny Damon needs to produce if he expects All-Star payouts during his next contract negotiation.

I think Johnny will bounce back fairly quickly. You can sit him down if you have any outfielders on a hot streak. I wouldn’t think trade anytime soon.


5) OF Carlos Lee (Hou)

Lee is off to a horrible start in 2010 with a .111 AVG with three hits. Lance Berkman not being in the lineup may have added extra pressure. Lee needs to react with the bat and drive in some runs.

No need to panic. Lee is a solid hitter with great production. History dictates he will find the mechanics to have a season with a .300 plus AVG and at least 20 home runs.


6) OF Julio Borbon (Tex)

Borbon is only 1-for-25 in the 2010 season, leaving him with a horrific .040 AVG. He posted a nice 2009 season with a .312 AVG, but the start to the season is pointing in another direction.


7) 1B Adam Dunn (Was)

Dunn isn’t looking too good with a .111 AVG with two measly hits. Dunn has never really sported a great batting average but has awesome home run numbers.


8) OF Hunter Pence (Hou)

Hunter Pence is out of the gate with a .120 AVG and has already struck out seven times. He has already taken a seat with Cory Sullivan starting in his place against the Phillies.


9) OF Juan Pierre (CWS)

There were a lot of people expecting Juan Pierre to do well in Chicago. He was putting up great numbers in Manny Ramirez’s absence in 2009 with the Dodgers. He has a .138 AVG with four hits to begin his season in a new uniform.


10) SS Alexei Ramirez (CWS)

Ramirez has started his last two seasons without a bang. Like his teammate Pierre, he has a .138 AVG with four hits. 


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