Part Two: Hockey Books That Would Just Never Sell

Greg CaggianoSenior Writer IJuly 15, 2008

EDIT: View the third and final part here.


Well since Part One went rather well, I got to thinking and searching and came up with more then a hundred more book titles that people involved with hockey should write.

As I said in Part One, the credit goes to you, the die-hard hockey fan, to whom this three part series is dedicated.

Also included at the end of this article are book titles created by Bleacher Report members other then myself, that were submitted in comments to my article yesterday.

I don't know if Part One can be topped, but I tried my best. Here you go, the second of the "Hockey Books that Would Just Never Sell" trilogy...


The Golden Age of European Hockey by Don Cherry

1001 Ways to Have Fun While Sitting on the Bench by Kevin Weekes

How to Fight Dan Cloutier by Tommy Salo

Keys to a Successful Power Play by Perry Pearn

Busting My Balls: Writing Hockey Articles Only to have them Lose out to an F1 Story Every Time by Greg Caggiano

Skating 101 by Derian Hatcher

An Examination of the Cognisance of Visceral Connections by Tom Renney

How to Block a Beach Ball by Jason LaBarbera

How to Win a Stanley Cup by Mats Sundin

First Aid: Choking Victims by the San Jose Sharks

How to Stop a Shot from Far, Far Away by Vesa Toskala

All Quiet on the Western Front by the Phoenix Coyotes' Bleacher Report section

How to Successfully Run a Sports League by Gary Bettman

Forever and Ever by Rick DiPietro

2002 New Jersey Real Estate Guide by Jeff Friesen

"I Want Bourbon! I Want Scotch! I Want Beer!" by Ed Belfour

My Coach, My Friend: Mike Keenan by Mikka Kipprusoff

Best Friends Forever by Neil Smith and Mike Keenan

How to Keep a Marriage Strong by Martin Brodeur

The Cheeseburger Theory by Keith Tkachuk

"It's Not Diving, It's Falling with Flair" by Sidney Crosby

The Prophecy by Eklund

Exciting Hockey by Jacques Lemaire

The Art of the Offensive Explosion by Allain Vigneult

The Keys to Playing an Entire Season by Peter Forsberg

Consistency by Pavol Demitra

Womens' Rights by Don Cherry

Mein Kampf by Kevin Lowe

She Sells Sea Shells by the Seashore by Bryan Murray

Consistency in Back to Back Starts by Henrik Lundqvist

Money by Sean Avery

Big Body Presence by Pierre "Cueball" McGuire

How to Score in the Stanley Cup Finals by Chris Phillips

"It Was Too a Goal!" by Brett Hull

Making Friends Through Arbitration by Harry Sinden

Knowing When to Back Check by Ilya Kovalchuk

The Keys to Running a Successful Retirement Home by Glen Sather

"No! No! No! Don't You Know Who I Am?" by Ed Belfour

Keys to Elevating Your Playoff Game by Joe Thornton

Getting out of the First Round by the Calgary Flames

One-Ball Wonder by Phil Kessel

Email Safety and Security by Ted Saskin

101 Male Ranger Fan Hair Styles by Ron Duguay

Keys to a Long Term Coach-GM Relationship by Lou Lamoriello

The Perfect Home for Your Family by the City of Buffalo, NY

Scoring in the Right Net by Bryan McCabe

Weightlifting Made Easy by Sean Hill

Goal Celebrations: Modesty is the Best Policy by Alex Ovechkin

Finding Your Inner Peace by Ron Hextall and Billy Smith

"That Wasn't a Friendly Spider, I Guess." by Wade Belak

Knowing When You've Had One Too Many by Craig Mactavish

NHL Goaltending by Manon Rheaume

Happy Halloween: The Key to Dressing up as the Perfect Frankenstein by Bobby Holik

An Illustrious Look at the History of Los Angeles Kings' Goaltending by Yutaka Fukifuji

Star Wars by Sean Avery and Brenden Morrow

Gray Hair at Age 20: A Testament from a Leafs' Fan by Brian Thiel

"Umm...That Stuff is Only Flour" by Kevin Stevens


Bleacher Creature Creations

Mascots and Marketing by Craig Mactavish

A Complete Guide to Building a Career in the Crease by Darren Pang

One Goal Wonders by Marek Malik

"Hey Guys, Where's My Face?" by Kris Draper

Error-Free Defense by Bryan McCabe

Consistency in the Crease by Andrew Raycroft

Injury Resistance by Carlo Coliaicovo

Fighting by Nick Kypreos

Visors: "Who Needs 'Em?" by Bryan Berard

Playoff Success by the Ottawa Senators


Well thanks for reading again, hope you enjoyed them! Once again, please feel free to submit your own in comments and I'll make sure to include some of them in the final article in the series tomorrow, part three! Stay tuned...


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